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  1. Well the 2 12AX7 pre-amp tubes are Ruby's. Still unsure about power tubes. Speaker not fully broken in but I observed the following so far. There is a hum. Only heard when not playing. I'll probably order some JJ pre and power tubes. Some have said better tubes help as well as swapping positions...we'll see. Plated my Sheraton first (2005, Korean). IMO sounded best in the 'normal' input. Dark and bright were good and ok. I don't play much lead so I rarely use just the bridge PU. Next was my '57 reissue Les Paul reissue with a GFS P90 PU in bridge position, Even though it's a bridge only axe, I can get quite a variety of tones using the tone and volume controls on the guitar. Got very good sound with all 3 inputs. Then my Jimmy Vaughn sig. strat. sounded VERY thin with bright input. Acceptable on middle/neck out of phase selected. Pretty good on neck PU alone. The LP is my favorite sound so far. Have a number of others that I've yet to try. Overall, very pleased with the amp. I won't be replacing it anytime soon. More info as it gets fully broken in or with different tubes and guitars.
  2. Fully warmed up and unpacked after delivery. Only flaw I see is a very small spot on the grille without stain. No cracks or flaws anywhere on the rest of the cabinet. Looks great! Will turn it on today and start the speaker break in. Will follow up later. Do any of you know what brand of tubes come stock in this amp? (haven't removed the back panel yet). Thanks.
  3. I too, found the videos interesting also. I only wish I could hear them through Klipsch LaScalas! Even through my laptop speakers, the Gibson sounded a bit more rounded and full, IMO. Would I pay the extra for the Gibson? Nope, but I could see buying the Epiphone.
  4. Just received it via UPS.It was loaded on a UPS truck at least 24 -36 hours ago. It's been below zero so I opened the box and letting it warm up slowly, then I'll take it out. I want to avoid drastic temp. changes....just like with a guitar.
  5. Just ordered one from MF. On sale now for $299! Not a restock, second, blemished or used.....regular stock. I hope mine doesn't have the quality control issues others have posted about.
  6. I got this a few weeks ago. It kicks A$$.... http://www.musiciansfriend.com/guitars/epiphone-les-paul-special-i-p90-electric-guitar
  7. Well, I'm left handed but I do many things right handed. I'm not "ambidextrous", though. When I was 9, I started hitting practice golf balls with my dad. He was surprised when I picked up his 9 iron and started hitting balls. (he's right handed). I tried swinging left handed and it was very awkward. So I golf and bat right handed, but throw and write left. The great thing is when I tell some females this. I say that the hardest thing is to find left handed tools...hammers, screwdrivers, pliers etc. Many believe that, a few don't. I want to marry one that doesn't. lol
  8. Absolutely gorgeous finish!! I hope you like the PU swap. But you gotta hide those wires in the F hole...
  9. Congrats on the new SG. I love P-90's and the TV finish. Also....pics are required...or it didn't happen.
  10. I love my 'el cheapo' LP.... http://i1251.photobucket.com/albums/hh548/Bluesbrekr1/Picture147.jpg
  11. Just got these... http://store.guitarfetish.com/Chrome-Humbuckers-Matched-Pair-Overwound-BLOWOUT_p_160.html Anyone have them? How do they sound? Are you pleased with them? Input appreciated....
  12. I love the P90's on this thing. Played through my AC Mini and Pignose. Can't ask for a better sound.
  13. I might have to consider buying that. I had an original many years ago. Sadly I let it go. 25 years ago the original Rivoli didn't command the prices they're getting today.
  14. I plugged it in last night. The P90's sound very good. I still need to adjust the truss rod and put some 'real' strings on her. Hopefully I can do that later today. Overall, I'm very impressed and pleased with this ax.
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