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  1. Hi ScottO,

    I've just read that you have a big ton pf hours on Rocksmith, and that you you are willing to help others out with RS.

    I am considering purchasing RS2014, and I don't anticipate having any problems, but you never really know until you install and use something. Anyhow, Keep rocking!

  2. Ola Amigos! I was pretty pissed off re: how Epi handled the rollout of the Casino Coupe and I vowed here to never buy another new Epiphone branded guitar after they raked me over the coals on the CC I've since settled down. Thanks for putting up with me! greasy fingers are the telltale sign of a new Epi~! not a CC ;
  3. epi strung me out 11 months on a casino coupe. ship date moved ~8 times. their cs was a joke about it. I canceled the order and no longer buy new guitars from epi.
  4. based on my experience, my advices to you is to forget you bought this guitar and when it arrives sometime in late 2015/early 2016, you'll be surprised and elated.
  5. thank you, there's now a cherry red 61 SG reissue in my immediate future!
  6. Good CL snag on yer new '56 GTLP, I have one and agree, it's a stunning guitar! What I don't have, and have been eyeballin', is a 61 reissue SG. You mentioned these 2 did not sound similar, could you describe that a bit? thumbsup!
  7. that is a reflection next to the input jack. No, yeah, everything's changed out on this. I filled in the bigsby holes with bamboo skewer and art crayons blended to match the Pelham. I just did it for fun, I figured it would look better in a satin kind of finish it's not patience or skill, it's all about the proper lubrication for using wet sand paper on yer favorite guitar :-)
  8. thanks gents! hard to catch the differences right now but the dividing line is right below the pickups. I'm digging it, looks more frosted now than super duper crazy glossy. tons & tons of clear on this here git. I split 1 sheet of 1000 grit wet/dry sandpaper into 6 palm size sections and used each section ~5x rinsing it out between each time and there is still clear on!
  9. my experience with casinos, the pickups. those epi p-90s can sound super good or super shitty hot. best to play the particular one you want to check.
  10. Jones means addicted. "Palmer was jonesing for some coke again"
  11. I'll keep an eye out for one, since I was outbid for the cherry red casino coupe I was eyeballin.
  12. I haven't yet had the opportunity to play an SG but I can see a Epi cherry Sg being pretty sweet! maybe someday I'll get to play one, nothing but rave reviews.
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