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  1. Happy anniversay milod! I've got Epis from CHina, Korea and Indonesia, they are all very nice and good guitars. Looking forward to adding a Japanese and American too!!
  2. Yes, I agree, it is annoying. Or at least was, I've gotten used to it but I have over 1400 hours playing time on the original rocksmith and have gotten used to it. I have another several hundred hours on rs2014 and still get extremely frustrated over how that tuner works. In fact, I've found myself avoiding songs due to having to very slighty retune for them. The Kinks' "You really got me", for instance, is ever so slightly sharper than an E tune, so the game requires each and every string be retuned just a little, very unnecessary. Anyhoo, glad you are enjoying it!
  3. rs1 requires you to verify proper tune prior to every song. rs2014 only requires 1 tune per tuning note but as yelf points out, you'll be retuning a lot if you choose to learn songs in different tuning notes, which there are quite a few of. If RS1 really requiring you to tune your guitar every 20 seconds, I would uninstall the program and reinstall because that should not be happening.
  4. in rs2014, you will want to go to tools->options->play settings-> invert strings and check mark the box that will change the view of the strings so that the little E is at the top descending down to the big E string.
  5. i'm using the pc version, over at the rs forum, i was able to find some more info, if col's solution doesn't completely solve the issue. ::::::::: There's good news for you, actually. If you have the PS3 component cables, you can connect both the HDMI and the component audio to your system at the same time. As long as you have Multi-Out set to ON in your PS3's audio settings, your audio will be output through both your HDMI and component cables. All you would have to do is switch between those inputs on your receiver. ::::::: in the pc version, i can adjust for latency under the settings menu, idk if that's a solution for you w/ps3. i know on pc, the game prefers an on-motherboard audio, as opposed to a separate audio card. i can pm you the link to the thread over there, but am not sure if that is against the rules here? it's a good 10 pages long, prolly more info in there if the above does not solve things.
  6. Happy new year, Willy!

  7. yes, i've bought prolly 20 dlc tunes, i do have the original rocksmith and use it a lot still. the 2 versions do not work in conjunction, scores do not carry over, the tuner is completely different on the 2, the scoring is different, the interfaces are different, the note recognition software is different. also, the guitarcade games are different. most all songs from rs original can be imported into rs2014, using the $10 import dlc from steam. the only songs that do not get imported are clapton, cream and the star spangled banner.
  8. if i can help anyone sort through anything re: rocksmith, feel free to ask. i can't really help peeps here when it comes to being a guitar player but i've got 700+ hours playing rocksmith and can maybe help with that.
  9. my apologies for referring to you as amigo. i should have paid closer attention!
  10. keep us updated, i'd wager your's is good and authentic, looking at a lot of pics and even the ones that do have serial #s have them in different places and applied differently, several look to be stickers even. I would think if counterfeiters globbed on to this guitar and started cranking out fakes, it would become apparent quickly. have luck amigo!
  11. here ya go, watch out though, he's chatty! Take care, Dylan Driscoll Sales Engineer Toll-Free (800) 222-4700 x 1656 E-mail dylan_driscoll@sweetwater.com Web www.sweetwater.com
  12. you're welcome, this thread kicks asses, would have hated not being a part of it since i actually had a non-serial # sorrento in my possession for several weeks, bought from sweetwater, my guy there, dylan, hooks me up with 12% off everything when i call him too!
  13. i had one, it didn't have a serial # on the headstock here's an ebay one without a serial #
  14. nice! and i was chuckling about those neon strings recently, thinking peeps will start saying, hey, do i hit the gold string? instead of hey, do i hit the b string? ! lolz
  15. this forum software is not letting me quote you, Ralph, it keeps showing an opening quote tag error. anyhoo- there's an option to change to view to reflect tablature. from what i've gathered, the designers concluded the default 3d view would be from behind the neck, it's caused quite a bit of discussion re: whether that's right or wrong. i was concerned about that myself but as i am seguing into learning songs via tabs, i've found it hasn't hindered me.
  16. thanks for the feedback, i've tried it that way as well. it creates some issues, it advances the song too much overall for my skill level, then when playing if you miss notes practicing the song 2x, you are back to where you started, it removes the notes. i've worked all weekend on the roadblock and the issue is the bends in the track. the software is, as you know, very very picky on notes, consequently, it's too picky on bends. this song has insane bends and each & every one has to be hit on the button or it's a miss. with bends that have 3 bends within 1 bend and measure, etc, the chances of hitting each & every one every single time i practice is extremely difficult, especially when learning them. the software then removes those bends and i have to fight just to get those bends back in the note stream. it's very very very very frustrating. the original rs has bends graded on 3 levels, good, great, and insane. i don't have a problem with the game requiring perfect bends, in fact, i want that but i think that sort of nuance should be introduced in the last 5% of the song. i think it would be better if the game kept feeding me notes until i get all the notes on the noteway and then start challenging me on nuances. nice to see several of us here playing the game!!!
  17. here's an example. this is my performance on the song in the original rs these are some screen grabs of the last of dozens and dozens and dozens of times playing the track on the new version and it not letting me move forward
  18. they are very different. but yes, they are compatible and it's a great way to expand the song list for cheap, you can buy the original rs then buy a $10 licensing fee that will import all of those tracks into rs2014, + you will also have access to the rs2011 downloadable content for puchase also. i recently noticed on steam that they were offering the original for 75% off. i primarilyuse the original rs for a few reasons 1. the game show your score during the track, making it much easier to see if i am maintaining my performance on particular sections. 2. it also replays the practice session immediately after showing your performance, i use this a lot, playing along a 2nd time and seeing my overall performance, this has helped me tremendously. 3. the guitarcade game scale runner is far and away superior to the scale games of the new version for learning and understanding scales. the new version is very very picky on notes also, especially bends. you have to hit a bend perfect- absolutely perfectly nuanced, or it won't count. for me, nuance is not a guitar skill or lesson so they interupt my progress, i.e, the game will not let you progress until you nail that nuanced bend consistently. this is very frustating for me as i play mostly blues, which is loaded with bends, several of the bends in 1 track (born under a bad sign/srv & albert king) have 3 humps in 1 bar! i'll try and add some more as i can recall.
  19. cool, that's the guitar they bundle in with their package deal, perfect then eh.
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