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  1. It's all about what YOU want! take zero notice of the "only way is...." crowd. I am lucky that at my time of life I have a decent collection of guitars, amps and toys. I have 2 x PRS's, a Gibson Explorer, an a Les Paul. I also have a Twin Reverb, a Jazz chours JC120 and a rip yer face off JCM900 Hi Gain head with a 4 x 12 cab. I use the Fender and the Roland to make music. I use the Marshall to cleanse my sould and put a massive smile on my face. Yes sir, a Les Paul and a Marshall Amp certainly hit the spot!
  2. RIP The driver. Not mentioned because he wasn't the famous (?) one
  3. Flagsmasher


    DOH! I KNEW I'd forgotten something Looks like I'll have to go back to the store (again..... )
  4. Flagsmasher


    Thanks all! I just got home from surgery on my knee, so it will be a few days before I can stand long enough to enjoy our first romantic embrace. Later!
  5. Flagsmasher


    I went in the guitar store for some strings and came out with this beauty. Brand new ( oh, that new guitar smell!) with these funky pop-up/push down pots to split coils and (reverse phase I think) I traded in my Mesa Nomad 55 and my Epiphone 345 but no regrets, this lady sings the greens
  6. love my 1999 Epiphone explorer ( next to its big brother the Gibson Bill Kelliher sig model) and my Epi ES345 Stereo which I bought in Belfast a few months ago.
  7. Thanks for all the replies guys I put the bridge back on with the screws facing the neck. Intonation is now fine, so I'm happy!
  8. OK, So I learned too late not to take all the strings off at once ( New to archtops!). My recently acquired 2001 ES175D stank of tobacco residue and other crud, so I decided to hell with it and stripped it down for a deep clean. It's like new under all that crud! Very pleased I was, until I put the old girl back together. Then I looked at the saddle adjustment screws and noticed I had put the bridge on "back to front" after I'd spent an hour faffing with the truss rod and getting the intonation spot on. ( The adjustment screws now face the back of the bridge p/up rather than facing the rear
  9. I finally plucked up the courage and drilled a pilot hole before adding the strap lock button in position 2, now i can play stood standing up! Yee hah!
  10. Thanks for all the replies.....seems there's no definitive answer. I will think a while longer before drilling any hole at all in my lovely 175!
  11. Could not agree more! The most versatile guitar I have ever owned ( and DAMN! it's pretty!)
  12. I own an Epiphone ES345 stereo. The Chinese version made in 2012. Believe it or not, it's actually a fine guitar, well made and sounds fantastic. It has the high gloss black finish w th all gold hardware and a bigs by tremolo. No case but I blagged a soft case. I bought it in Belfast a couple of months ago for £450 UKP . Well worth the cash to provide me a fine axe when I gigged in Germany in September. There's a pic of it with my ES175 and my Gretsch country Gent in the "introduce yourself" section,
  13. Having just acquired the guitar of my dreams, (2001 ES175D) I have a quandry: where to mount a strap button so I can stand up and play. having done some research, the consensus seems to be on the "heel" of the neck where it joins the body as opposed to actually through the body (which I would never consider as a matter of course). My concern is that if I do mount a strap button on the heel of the guitar, when it lays dowm in the case, it will put pressure on the button as the guitar will be lying on it. I am loathe to start drilling holes in a very expensive guitar, so any real life a
  14. Morning ( well, it is here!) Blueblooded I believe they were released early in 2013 (here in England anyways) and so far I have only seen one, and I bought it! YesI, it's a special guitar...Lace pickups are usually found in Strats, but these humbuckers have some seriously high output. But, they both have coil taps operated by the push/pull tone and volume pots, so you can get tons of different sounds. The neck is bound, and it has trapezoid inlays in the fingerboard. I love the way Bill Kelliher (of the band Mastodon) specified the pickup selector switch to be moved to the back of the c
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