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  1. Never owned anything but a Hohner. My set of Marine Bands is still going strong and I'm guessing they're nearing 40 years old. I have a couple Hohner Echo harps too.
  2. Of course I don't know what you paid for your EJ200 in 2012, but did you really pay 30 times more for the J200? Not trying to be contrary; just curious.
  3. I know they're not as desirable as the f-hole models but they are way cooler looking to my eye!
  4. What a great guitar, and your thread title would make a great country song title 😃!
  5. Summer Wages - Ian Tyson Souvenirs - John Prine One Too Many Mornings - Bob Dylan Rachel - Jim Ringer The Hobo's Last Ride - Hank Snow Rambler/Gambler - Traditional, but the version I do was stolen from Tom Russell who stole it from Ian Tyson
  6. Ha! Didn't even notice the thread was 8 years old ðŸĪŠ! Kansas is just fine. I've been to California and to New York and Kansas is as far away as I could get from both of them.
  7. "Another friend to say goodbye, And another time to sit and cry." https://www.rollingstone.com/music/music-news/patrick-sky-folk-singer-dylan-contemporary-dead-obit-1175891/
  8. Congrats! Gotta love a Guild 12!
  9. Ditto, 'ceptin' my F212XL is natural top. No red here, although there was a cherry sunburst J-45 in my past... Oh, and by the way, this is the first time I'd ever heard of Origami or whatever her name is, but from the pic I was pretty sure she wasn't a guy. Unless...
  10. Isn't it the Lady A guy who always plays the weird colored Gibsons? That's the market...
  11. I put the rattles of the only rattler I'd ever killed to date inside a fiddle; forgot to shake them out when I sold it. Always regretted that. Since, the only thing in my guitars have been the occasional pick, string ball or bridge pin 😜.
  12. Most folks of this ilk - whether it be political pundits, shock jocks, gossip columnists, et al - don't care about the truth and don't care whether you agree or not so long as you click/read/watch//listen. In fact, they love creating controversy. Like somebody once said, ain't no such thing as bad publicity.
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