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  1. Don't know anything about the guitar, but Jorma is a great player, and I really liked Donovan before he went all cosmic.
  2. Couple of nice 12-string collections on here! Those 18-string guitars had to be built like an air raid bunker! I remember when the Smith 18's were around and were a big deal; they never interested me much. But I've never been without a 12, from the cheesy cheap Mexican first one I bought, through a couple of Framus Texans (interesting guitars with a unique sound), a couple of B-45-12's and an Alvarez with the bridge held on with drywall anchors (amazing how good it sounded considering). I had a Martin D-12-20 but never bonded with it; sounded too "sweet" for my taste. My current one is the 1970's Westerly Guild F-212XL in my avatar. I love rosewood guitars but do find they sometimes sound a little muddy in a 12; mahogany or maple works better for my ear. I agree you probably won't wear one out and probably won't play it as often as the 6's, but nothing puts that rumble in your belly like a good ol' 12, and some songs just don't sound right on anything else.
  3. I looked at my old Guild 12 last night; it's a ding and not quite a hole as I remembered. Also, it's in the lower front bout, not the rear. So see: pretty soon you won't even see it, nor remember where it is πŸ˜€...
  4. Sure wouldn't hurt to have a good luthier take a look. Estimates are typically free πŸ˜€. Might ease your mind too.
  5. Hey, some folks are paying big bucks for new guitars made to look like they've had the crap beat out of them πŸ˜€! Maybe just pretend you've started the process of doing it yourself? Seriously, I know how you feel. A deer antler shed fell off a shelf and hit my Guild F212XL. As I recall it actually punched a small hole. It's on the lower rear bout so I never look at it 😁.
  6. Don't over-think it. Find a guitar you like; it'll blend fine.
  7. Only three currently; '92 J200... '77 RB-250 set up for old-time styles... and '24 A-Jr mandolin... in the past I've owned a Cherry Sunburst J-45, Tobacco Sunburst J-45, natural top J-50, Heritage Custom, and a couple of B-45-12's. All gone, and sadly mostly unphotographed.
  8. Me too, back in the day. Later, written larger and on the floor. These days, I'd probably need all the lyrics there too πŸ˜…...
  9. You could insert "banjo" in place of "guitar"; still works.
  10. A cousin of my wife had a cup of coffee in the teen idol recording industry years ago; he was a friend of Wayne Newton and cut a record or two. In the late 60's I was just starting to play; he had a black Everly. I didn't know enough to know if it was a good guitar or not, but that thing just dripped cool! Some years later I mentioned to him how much I had loved that guitar and he said, "Wish I'd known; you could have had it." Just one of a list of 'music regrets" 😒.
  11. A woman was accused of beating her husband to death with guitars from his collection. "First offender? asks the judge. "No," the woman answered. "First a Gibson, then a Fender."
  12. Very similar body shape to the H`1260 referenced above.
  13. I was the vocalist in a rock band; couldn't play a lick. We broke up, and I owned the cheesy PA system. Took it to the local music store to sell it; they offered me a hundred bucks and a used acoustic guitar. I said "How much without the guitar?" and they said "A hundred bucks" so I took it. It turned out to be a Harmony Sovereign H1260 sold by Monkey Wards and branded Airline. Wish I still had it!
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