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  1. Ditto, 'ceptin' my F212XL is natural top. No red here, although there was a cherry sunburst J-45 in my past... Oh, and by the way, this is the first time I'd ever heard of Origami or whatever her name is, but from the pic I was pretty sure she wasn't a guy. Unless...
  2. Isn't it the Lady A guy who always plays the weird colored Gibsons? That's the market...
  3. I put the rattles of the only rattler I'd ever killed to date inside a fiddle; forgot to shake them out when I sold it. Always regretted that. Since, the only thing in my guitars have been the occasional pick, string ball or bridge pin 😜.
  4. Most folks of this ilk - whether it be political pundits, shock jocks, gossip columnists, et al - don't care about the truth and don't care whether you agree or not so long as you click/read/watch//listen. In fact, they love creating controversy. Like somebody once said, ain't no such thing as bad publicity.
  5. The pics don't show for me. I had a Ventura mandolin that was a dead ringer for an F5 and sounded as good or better than a lot of F5's I've played. It did say Ventura of the headstock however.
  6. Wanted to change my avatar. I resized it within limits and it loaded OK, but when it shows up on the board next to my name it's way too large for the circle and only shows a tiny bit of the pic. Any suggestions, remedies etc.?
  7. True dat. But the upside, is...I won't care 😀!
  8. More guitars than I need, more shotguns than I need, more fly rods than I need, etc. etc. My wife and kids are gonna have to deal with 'em someday cause I ain't selling any 😄!
  9. Um, I admire your chutzpah but...let us know how that works for ya 😀...
  10. I searched for these on the site but didn't find anything. Just wondering anyone has any experience? I'm not in the market for anything myself, but I've seen their ads and looked at their website; they look quite nice and their price is certainly attractive. Ian Tyson supposedly plays them, not that he's known for his guitar playing.
  11. One of the best guitars I ever owned was a 70's Heritage Custom. Not real loud, but the sweetest sounding guitar...wish I had it still!
  12. Don't know anything about the guitar, but Jorma is a great player, and I really liked Donovan before he went all cosmic.
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