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  1. Very similar body shape to the H`1260 referenced above.
  2. I was the vocalist in a rock band; couldn't play a lick. We broke up, and I owned the cheesy PA system. Took it to the local music store to sell it; they offered me a hundred bucks and a used acoustic guitar. I said "How much without the guitar?" and they said "A hundred bucks" so I took it. It turned out to be a Harmony Sovereign H1260 sold by Monkey Wards and branded Airline. Wish I still had it!
  3. My daughter works for a local radio station that has sponsored a couple of Taylor's concerts; here's a pic of my granddaughter Gracie and her Aunt Jessie with Taylor. The pic's a few years old, Gracie's 16 now! Taylor had met Jessie before and remembered her; she was very nice and accommodating. Yeah, she's super rich and a big pop star, but compared to what I read/hear about some of the others out there, she seems like a really genuine person. And I gotta admit, I like some of her songs!
  4. You might consider just complaining to the vendor that sold you the buttons. I've found that many overseas sellers really value their reputation. They might replace the buttons or give you a refund. Just a thought.
  5. Looks good! I put amber and tortoise buttons on my banjos that I got from Bob Smakula; they look so nice I've been thinking about replacing the buttons on my D-28 (Grovers) and F212XL (mini-Schallers). Thinking of tortoise on the Martin and black on the Guild to match the pickguards. Might just do it someday.
  6. My first Gibson; brings back some memories. In those days my budget dictated one in/one out. Too bad; shoulda kept it. Traded it on a new J-50 which got swapped for a Heritage Custom soon after. Loved the Heritage, didn't like the J-50 much.
  7. High points: opening for Ramblin' Jack Elliot at Anderson Fair in Houston (and getting to hang with him back stage), and for Brian Bowers at Wichita State University, where I learned a valuable lesson. The crowd received me well but they were there to hear Brian obviously. By the time I finished my set they were getting pretty rowdy. When Brian walked out they didn't quiet down much, so he walked up to the mic, said a couple things about his autoharp, and then told the crowd he was gonna show them how it really sounds without any amplification. He walked away from the mic and started playing and the crowd went dead quite, and he had them in the palm of his hand from then on.
  8. I started with Gibson guitars - a J-45, then a J-50, then a Heritage Custom. I always though the Gibson J-200 is the best looking guitar ever made, and I wanted one for years. But deep into the Great Bluegrass Scare of the 70's (to paraphrase Martin Mull) I traded that Heritage for an HD-28. The Martin has been a great guitar but I never got over the J-200. A few years ago I lamented that fact to The World's Greatest Wife (mine) and she said, "Well, why don't you buy one?" So I did - a near mint Ren Ferguson-era guitar. Doesn't show too well here what with the new photo format, but like the Reese's ads say - Not Sorry!
  9. Sorry for your loss. RIP Aina Jo.
  10. May I just say that there's a big difference between Gibson electrics and Gibson acoustics. Kind of an apples and oranges thing there.
  11. I hated it before they played it to death. To each his own though.
  12. The Eagles lost me at Hotel California...God I hate that song!
  13. Ditto, except I round off the tip of the thumb pick.
  14. Crap! I have a date with her at 2:30 this afternoon!
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