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  1. Just grabbed this beauty yesterday. Serial puts it being made in 1999 at the Peerless Factory. Can anyone give me any information on the pickups? Thanks! Mike
  2. Well I got a picture of the back. If I look at the bottom, looks like holes were filled. I usually tell by the drill hole...these tuners seem to cover them. Weird this is serial number: 202340. It puts the guitar at the early 70s. But I thought the XR1 were 80's? Never mind! She is selling another Gibson, ES120...right area, wrong guitar!
  3. I came across this on the local market group. It's simply listed as a Les Paul XR1. The seller is a retired woman, selling her late husband's collection. I have messaged the seller for more photos, but have yet to hear back. I did some research on these and they seem like a great guitar at the right price. My only concern about this one is the tuners. Every XR1 model I have found searching, has the chrome tuners. This one seems to have Vintage Style Keystone tuners. Does anyone know if these tuners were stock on any XR1 models? I'm not gonna push the owner if the guitar is not stock, d
  4. There is a decent Black Beauty for sale locally. The seller said he inherited the guitar, hence is playing "I don't know". He states it did not have a tailpiece, so a local shop installed a "silver" one since a gold one was not in stock. The switch also is not gold, but there is no mention. I find it odd a guitar would not have a tailpiece? I ran the serial number and it says "not recognized". I0502054 My guess is Saien in 2005, but not sure. Any help would be appreciated.
  5. Hi, Long time lurker...first post...I think? Anyway, I have my eyes out for a Epiphone Michael Schenker Flying V. I am getting really confused by all the different models being labeled as Michael Schenker...and others which look very similar bearing the "Rudolf" tag. The distinguishing features seems to be the truss rod cover. The Rudolf's having Epiphone inscribed on a white cover, the "real" Michael guitars having a blank black/white truss cover. I even came across one sold on Reverb awhile back with a black truss cover and silver/black grovers? So...I was hoping someone here coul
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