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  1. Hey everyone, I'm wondering if someone could recommend me a guitar for 70's type southern rock. Vintage guitars are ok. I really love playing allman brothers stuff among other things, and I know Duane and dickey both played les Paul's. Thanks everybody!
  2. Jammin'

    Pickup switch

    Hi! I'm in the market for a new guitar, and I've narrowed it down to the les paul melody maker and the les paul studio. Would it be best to get the studio and put a p94 in one of the positions, or get a melody maker, a hard case, and put in a mini humbucker? Also, which pickup should be a humbucker, and which a p90? I play mostly grunge, alternative (red hot chili peppers sort of stuff), funk, and reggae. Thanks for your help!
  3. Yay! I'm top poster for today! Haha biggest accomplishment of the week for me.
  4. Hey guys, I currently have a 2011 fender strat. I'm looking into either a Les Paul (standard) or a SG (standard or angus young). Any input on which type or model I should get? I have played both, and am leaning towards les paul. I would be very helpful though, if someone could go through the pros and cons of each.
  5. Got it. So there's no quality/ sound difference at all?
  6. Jammin'

    LP or SG?

    Thanks everybody for your input!
  7. Jammin'

    LP or SG?

    I don't think they meant sound is the same, but they feel and weigh the same. I agree that the SG and the strat are built similarly
  8. Why is the price so much higher if they're the same?
  9. Is there much difference between the Gibson LP and SG vs the epiphone ones?
  10. Jammin'

    Which LP?

    I like the look of the pick guard on the traditional. Is it easy to get and put a pick guard on the standard? If so, then I will get a standard since it's lighter. If not though, weight isn't a big issue to me, so I'll go traditional
  11. Jammin'

    Which LP?

    I've played both, and didn't really feel or hear a difference, other than weight. Are there any problems with either, or does it all just come down to personal preference?
  12. Jammin'

    Lp and sg

    Could somebody please film me in on the pros and cons of the les Paul and the SG? Try to be as little biased as possible
  13. Jammin'

    LP or SG?

    I have a strat and I want something new. I have heard that SG is similar to the strat, and I don't want that. But I've heard that the sg is lighter and easier to play than the les paul. Does that stuff really matter? Please put your input and suggestions
  14. Jammin'

    Which LP?

    Which model of les Paul shoukd I get? I've been thinking either standard or traditional. Any suggestions?
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