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  1. Lol what an absolute **** FZ Fan is. Don't take things so seriously, it makes you look like a miserable sod. By the way the Floyd boys had a lot worse ideas during the mid to late 60's. Don't bother commenting if you can't recognise a tongue in cheek topic.......unbelievable!!!!!!
  2. Lol, I wrote my thoughts on it before I read yours.
  3. The first side of the vinyl takes you right up to the colour part of the wiz. Watch and hear, make your own mind up. Me personally, it's a wonderful coincidence.
  4. Lol, it was no typo, I meant it. It made me chuckle seems it had the same effect on you peeps. Don't Eat the Yellow Snow......Frank Zappa.
  5. I wouldn't say it was 100% in sync with the movie BUT! The part where the tornado that whisks her off to Oz is really impressive.
  6. Any of you guys heard of the title story, if you haven't here it is. Requirements, the Wizard of Oz film and Pink Ployds Dark Side of the Moon. This was discovered during the vinyl era. Put on the Oz film, it's either the first or second roar of the MGM lion, that was when the arm of the record player was put onto the vinyl. The sound of the film is turned down and what you hear is the Floyd album playing in unison to what you see on screen. Since records are two sided, the first side only takes you up to the start of the colour part in the film. I have tried it but I am not telling you what I thought. By the way, Dave Gilmour denies this was intentional but makes for a good story.
  7. Nice one jdgm you got the Bobby and the Joe in. Show Me....Joe Tex
  8. Hmm, Pippy's off his game, got ot right away. Lucky Town.....Bruce Springsteen
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