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  1. my high e string has been sliding off the fretboard a little bit if i try a simple pull off and sometimes if im just using vibrato, and this concerns me because it is starting to make a groove in the binding on some areas of the neck. anything i can do?
  2. There is nothing wrong with Gibson USA. I have tried many customs and Reisues before i made my decision with the les paul i wanted. The customs to me have a better finish, and ill admit a little better sound, but if I can't get one heck of a guitar for 2400 dollars then ill take my business somewhere else. About the reisues....a buddy of mine has an R9, and sure its a great guitar, but to me its not that much nicer than a USA standard, which you forget is 3000 dollars cheaper. Yeah i can get a used reisue, but if your like me, id rather have a brand new one which i can call mine....and still
  3. If your friend is like you and only wants "the best" he should skip over Gibson USA. Historics are the best Gibson makes. False
  4. I have Schallers on mine. I was messing with my amp and i was bascily on my knees, and the lock just slipped and the headstock hit the ground. I still like mine, but i have trouble keeping the "U" up, and i think thats why it slipped.
  5. is using a capo bad for the finish on your neck? I was wondering if it was similar to using a guitar stand too much and the rubber might mess up the finish. I get tired of tuning half steps when i could just use a capo instead, but im too scared to. Any help would be great
  6. i dont understand the point of a username like that......i mean come on!
  7. the cutaway looks short to me...
  8. Its about what kind of music you prefer. i would like to have both, kuz both are beastly guitars. i would say gibsons can cover just about any type of music. there's only so much you can do with a fender
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