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  1. Based on the serial# and photos we're going to vote that it's a counterfeit. Note that the serial number (06121968) would indicate that it was stamped on the 612th day of 2001...hmm Do go ahead and send the photos and details on where it was purchased from to service@gibson.com and we'll review further.
  2. Hi, That would be a 2010 style serial number and indeed the ES-175 was a Memphis made model at that time. The online serial# dating sites are not a reliable source of information, btw, so thanks for checking here!
  3. Yes. The counterfeit reporting page is indeed the best place to report these but our Legal team is already aware of this seller and is working with eBay to shut down these listings. Thanks! http://www.gibson.com/Support/Report-Counterfeits.aspx
  4. Check out Peekamoose in NYC; http://www.peekamoose.com/steinberger_info.html
  5. Hi, where was this sale held? (feel free to PM the info) This was from a Gibson and Gibson Innovations (Philips) project. There were prototype samples made but no details regarding functionality and none were produced for widespread distribution.
  6. The name was spunoff from the original internal part number for this pickup "PU-90".
  7. This was one of several samples made at Gibson USA earlier this year, there were a few different configs (different inlay, pickups, fingerboard material, finish...), no plans to be be put into regular production at the moment.
  8. You can find these picks at https://store.gibson.com/products/tortoise-picks-12-pack/ - these don't have the "Gibson Acoustic" logo but they are the same picks.
  9. FYI in case you'd like to ask the Gibson USA and Custom Shop Product Specialists questions about the 2019 lineup, we're hosting an Instagram and Facebook Live session tomorrow 9/7/18 at 1:00pm CST;
  10. Member/Admin since 1998, quite a few forums ago....No plans to remove these forums, certainly some talk about upgrades and improvements. Stay tuned...
  11. Yep, we'll be there - please drop by if you're also at Summer NAMM.
  12. Reopening this thread, but please stay on topic ("Gibson files Chapter 11 bankruptcy") and away from fighting and personal attacks. Thanks.
  13. This is a custom order program, details at http://www.gibson.com/News-Lifestyle/Features/en-us/Introducing-Gibsons-New-Signature-Artist-You.aspx
  14. Awesome, can't wait to see pics of it when it's finished (and it will be :) )
  15. Hi folks, things are actually ok on the ground here - just chiming to let you that we're going to move this to the thread on The Lounge. Thanks for the comments.
  16. Full press release for those interested ; https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/gibson-brands-in-process-of-refinancing-of-companys-bonds-300599834.html & https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/gibson-brands-hires-benson-woo-as-chief-financial-officer-300600098.html
  17. We had some issues stemming from the Trading Post. Since this forum was never intended to be a marketplace and there are a number of sites to sell used gear, it was decided to remove it.
  18. The old “archtops” forum was a Gibson Custom sub-forum, the topics are still in the Gibson Custom forum, no topics were deleted.
  19. Hi, these are legit and nice timepieces but are not quite up to the “fancy” level as the one posted by Rabs. These were part on a one-time purchase and distributed by our Gibson Gear division roughly 8-9 years ago.
  20. Yep, some tweaks are being made, all of the USA and Custom sub-forums have been merged under the main headings.
  21. Hi, yes the M2M program is going strong and is available through any authorized Gibson Custom dealer. Some of our US Custom dealers below can help; https://www.themusiczoo.com/blogs/news/gibson-custom-shop-made-2-measure-center-at-the-music-zoo https://wildwoodguitars.com/product-category/electrics/gibson-custom-shop/wildwood-spec-made-2-measure/ https://www.chicagomusicexchange.com/collections/gibson-custom-shop
  22. This should be resolved now but please let us know if the issue occurs again. Thanks!
  23. Thanks for the post - I'm sending you a PM with instruction.
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