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    Guitar Rig

    The versions of GR 3 are both full versions. The only difference, I know, is that you are not able to import the DF sound bank into the "not Gibson" version of GR3. I asked the guy from Native Instruments at the Music Messe in Frankfurt and he confirmed this situation.
  2. Welcome to the forum. I'll try to answer a few of your questions. 2) The known problems should be gone with the Dark Fire's produced since May 2009. 3) The price will increase. 5) The RIP is included with the new production run. 6) I don't think so. Please look here: http://www2.gibson.com/Products/Electric-Guitars/Les-Paul/Gibson-USA/Dark-Fire/Buy-Now.aspx?mappath=/Support/Dealers/North-America You'll have to find a dealer, who ships outside the USA. Be cautious, Gibson grants no warranty, if you don't buy from an authorized Gibson dealer and also, if you are not the original buyer. Delivery in Europe, for example, is estimated between end of June and August For further help, i recommend joining us at http://www.futureguitarnow.com/
  3. Hi MCK, i just added a virtual DF for test purposes. Input worked good. Good idea, thank you for installing this registry.
  4. har

    Dark Fire in Europe

    Estimated 6 week shipping time + 2 weeks time for receiving the DF from the dealer and checking her + 1 week shipping her to Gibson Europe for RMA seems to be not enough, to buy some antistatic shields for table and floor. Hmmm, maybe we get a DF for halloween. ;-)
  5. The driver is available in the download area of Native Instruments. Driver Download
  6. http://www.gibson.com/en-us/Lifestyle/Features/Frankfurt-for-Musikmesse-401/
  7. Today i went to the Musik Messe in Frankfurt, Germany. There she was, this beautiful guitar. It was a pleasure to play her and the sound was even better than what i expected. The tuning function worked very good. The issues with the RIP ( static anomalies, see the buglist) are not fixed yet. It seems like the Gibson staff has only basic knowledge about the DF, though they were very friendly and helpfull. The printed cards, which MCK delivered were very helpfull for me, thank you very much , for providing them. The Guy from Native Instruments, who has made the GR3-presets for the DF was there and demonstrated her and GR3 on stage. There should have been a demo from Chris Adams at 15:00, but he wasn't there. I saw him a few hours before, when he stored his DF and an Epiphone Acoustic with the Tronical-system behind the stage, but i had no chance to talk to him. I thought, i could ask some questions after his demo. He must have known that, so he didn't come. ;-) I asked the Gibson sales representive about the delivery of the DF in Europe and i got the same answer as usual. Nobody knows, when the DF will be delivered. He said, there are several issues with soft- and! hardware. Delivery will be stopped until all issues will be fixed. The service for the DF will be made in Europe, in the Netherlands, if i got him right. To make a conclusion, i left the fair with a loughing and crying eye. Now i realy know, that the DF is the right guitar for me, but i know too, that i will have to wait a few months to hold her again, at least two or three months. So i hope, she will be delivered in 2009.
  8. har

    Can I do this?

    I would recommend: DF -> RIP RIP Line Out -> Active Monitors or Mixing Console RIP Firewire -> Computer Rig Kontrol USB -> Computer Don't use Audio In and Audio Out of the Rig Kontrol Select the RIP in the audio configuration of GR3 I have'nt got my DF yet, but i think the RIP has lower latency as the Rig Kontrol
  9. You're right MCK, thank you for your investigation. But if you ad ca. 4% customs and 19% tax and $200 for the first RMA, you have a total of $4650, no chance of returning the guitar, if it looks like Brookfloyd's with a white case that isn't white.......
  10. har, Germany I ordered mine in the beginning of Dec. 2008. I'm now waiting for the Musik Messe in Frankfurt, Germany, starting at April, 1st. I want to see into a Gibson sales representant's face, while he's telling me, it could be read in the stars, when the DF will be shipped to Europe. Maybe 2009 or 2010, if ever. ;-)
  11. As far as i remember, the full version of Guitar Rig allows the installation on 2 computers at the same time. Maybe this is true for the Gibson version, too. It was intended for the use on a stationary pc at home and on a notebook for the go.
  12. I have downloaded these files and attempted to import one bank, but they aren't visible in GR3. The next step was to copy one bank into My DocumentsNative InstrumentsGuitar Rig 3Sound Banks. Being in this folder, i recognized that these special GR3-banks were already there. It seems like they came with the 3.2-version-update of GR3. Even if i rename the .bnk-file, i'm not able to see the bank in GR3. Seems like there is a difference in the official version and the DF version of GR3.
  13. Thank you, for sharing this info, though it is a bad news. Only good thing is Gibson will propably search the DF's for errors and fix all things, that are known already, including fixing MCK and toggle-switch and looking after the sharp frets. I would be very disappointed, if Gibson delivers any DF to Europe, without fixing all known issues.
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