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  1. FZFan -  you know I've disagreed with you many times. But agreed with you as many. Sad to see your posted comments on the Springsteen thread over on the Acoustic Forum gone.  Free Speech is over-rated I guess in the minds of those who try to shift a discussion into an argument.  Hang in there. There's more to life than guitars, and more to guitar forums than arguing the merits of double pick guards and period correct J-45 tuners.   FortyearsPickn

  2. I would have been after the pickups as well, the other parts would just sit in the parts bin mostly.

    Someone else can use them.



  3. I'd be okay with the Gibson acoustics if they'd lower the price 50%, then they'd be worth looking at.

  4. You didn't try and call me. Why didn't you try, didn't you try, didn't you know I was lonely?

  5. I have seen FZ many times and I only listen to FZ and The Doors these days. I have the excellent Gold CDs and also the Gibson SG FZ Roxy guitar (only 25 came to Scandinavia). I think I still have the painted poster picturing FZ as the leader of a biker gang.Nice things!

  6. how do you upload a photo, every time I try it says file is to big!

  7. Hey FZ stick around a while longer buddy

  8. https://www.dropbox.com/s/6zu9g6lfkujin89/2015-12-25%2016.55.25.jpg?dl=0

    Hey my friend how are u doing ?

    Now im intresting in new gibson guitar goldtop at the shop here they keep this guitar since 1996

    And now they selling me this but i ask for the certificate of the guitar and they said they only have this (the link upper)

    So i m wonder is this guitar is the real gibs...

  9. Is that a REAL "PONCHO" or is it "SEARS PONCHO"

  10. FZ is great wise man, shares his knowledge always, and the SGs are a sure shot, no matter which one as to start with.

    Greetings from Brazil!

  11. Good to see another FZ fan on here.

    Saw Dweezil perform the Roxy album last month, and now want an SG!

    Anyway, greetings from England. Music is the best! Jon

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