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  1. Awesome post in the Brexit 2 thread!

  2. Quote: "No political arguments. Well. We've voted out." Larry, I think its vitally important. Not to argue, deplore or rubbish others views here on the Gibson Fora. Rather it's better to simply put one's own views if one feels compelled to do so and simply leave it at that. Or share facts that are both unassailable and are helpful to the majority here who hail from another Continent in a Spirit of Sharing Greater Understanding. For anyone who Celebrates the majority decision to leave the European Union this is not the place to Actively Crow, and for anyone who Deplores
  3. Quote: "we are not on a creative writing forum!" Again. With Respect. The place is full of Singer/Songwriters. And you have stated we are "Not on a Creative Writing Forum!" Well you wrote it not me..... I'm sure everyone will take note of your Opinion of Them All. The 335 reference concerned the Avatar in your Signature, which equally has nothing to do with Advance Jumbo Problems. As you come from England and like 335's I thought it might be of interest, as I have a Long Professional History with These Guitars and the Historical Dealership
  4. I never worry about such matters, I doubt anyone else does too, so don't worry. Knowing the Rules, as revealed above, then Breaking them for Excellent Specific Reasons, is what Uniquely Creative Writing, is really all about. I like 335's... My first Gibson was a Cherry 335TD from Selmer in Charing Cross Rd.
  5. Cody78: I think you may find the following useful. Respectfully (it should be a Double Colon here not a Semi Colon as you have utilised). http://forum.gibson.com/index.php?/topic/126248-help-with-music-theory-for-songwriting/page__view__findpost__p__1727320 Try to Stay On Topic and Write Something Original that is actually Relevant in some way, to the Original Topic of the Thread!
  6. Quote: "I see all the talk of humidity and my experience doesn't match." With respect to everyone here. I would agree with this bold, assertive, statement by our Fellow Fora Friend, rct. Like so many hereabouts, I always thoroughly enjoy his posts and am glad to say, I think he is right to somewhat disagree. This is a not uncommon sight to Experienced Luthiers and usually the first suspect is that the Instrument has been subjected to Excessive Heat. The Cracks along Places of Greatest Stress and the Clear Give are due to a Specific Environmental Cause, which in my opi
  7. Quote: "Lowering the action certainly gave me the "slink" I was looking for but there was the inevitable reduction in volume" My Hunch would be that the Luthier adjusted the Saddle with the inevitable consequence of reducing the String Break Angle behind the Saddle. As a Consequence, the Guitar functions with additional "slink" in ease of Playability and Fingering, but with a further inevitable consequence of Reducing the Dynamic that Drives the Instruments Top through the Bridge. There is a Definite Point at which, a Number of Highly Desirable Aspects of a Guitars Features,
  8. jdgm. I note you use a Bigsby. Probably you know all about this already. But perhaps others that lurk around the Fora hereabouts may not. So for all with such an interest here are a couple of Bigsby related youtubes for you. The first covers the Vibramate Gadget, which is an excellent device to use, with Solid Body Les Pauls. An additional benefit if you have a Vibramate fitted to a Les Paul, is that it slightly raises, the Height of the Bigsby. This alters and improves, the behind the Bridge Saddle, Break Angle, as it addresses the Vibrato Units Roller, so the Bigs
  9. Quote: "Try again." No Problem at all. I'll Fill the Gap in your Knowledge. Bill Carson, Fenders Professional Player in the Field. Field Tested the First Prototype of Vibrato, courtesy of George Fullerton. The First Prototype was completely different to the Vibrato we are familiar with today on Stratocasters. Carson's report was Damning, he rang Leo up to complain that the Guitar with that Unit sounded bad "like a Cheap Banjo". George Fullerton by this point had come to exactly the same conclusion, and after talking with Carson told Leo "it Sounds like a Tin
  10. Quote: "Break angle:" Gibson manufacture certain Guitars that are to Original Specification. And also manufacture, modern variants and versions, of the Same Model. One such instance is the SJ-200 with an Original Bridge with Two Rows of Inlay. The Modern Standard Version of the SJ-200 however, only features, One Row of Inlay. The Original Specification bridge allows for a Shallow Break Angle, and Drives the Top Less. The Modern Standard has a Sharper Break Angle and thereby Drives the Top Rather More Vigorously. So According to the Gibson Guitar Company, Sharpn
  11. These Famous Authors Made It Okay To Commit Grammar No-No's http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2014/02/20/grammar-rules_n_4768485.html Top 10 Authors Who Ignored The Basic Rules of Punctuation http://qwiklit.com/2014/03/05/top-10-authors-who-ignored-the-basic-rules-of-punctuation/ 7 bogus grammar 'errors' you don't need to worry about http://theweek.com/articles/467053/7-bogus-grammar-errors-dont-need-worry-about Thanks for Playing... Must Try Harder! May I be so bold as to recommend the Writing of American Author P.G. Wodehouse? His Jeeves and
  12. Quote: "Lemmie." It was with Great Sadness That I heard the news of his demise over Christmas. I first came across Lemmie when he worked as a Roadie for Well Known Rock Band, Nice. They had Completely Blown all 4 of the 15" Speakers in a Huge, Heavily Scarred, Professional P.A. Cabinet. On Tour, Lemmie bought them it into a Shop owned by a friend of mine, ready to be Shipped Back to the Manufacturer to have the Chassis Re-Coned. Later working with another friend, one of the U.K.'s Top Impresarios and Promoters, I worked with Lemmie on Many Occasions, whilst he w
  13. Quote: "TOO MANY WORDS." Perhaps. It's a issue that I can help with. The "Word" the writer above struggled to find is "verbose". The irony is that it would be possible to express the meaning of the whole sentence. Simply by writing a single word. Therefore, with self-fulfilling prophecy. The writer himself has used, THREE TIMES AS MANY WORDS, as actually required. Of course, the irony doesn't stop there, because instead of simply making whatever point the writer wishes to make, instead, the writer uses the quoting block to embrace t
  14. Quote: "Something changed" - Snipped for Shortness - Quote: "Played for 2-3 days and noticed the issue" It's extremely common. For Musicians involving a wide array of Differing Instruments. To notice at Home, both Positive and Negative Aspects, that weren't apparent to them "In Store". The reasons behind this are Manifold, and involve Focus of Brain Attention, which shuts out certain types of sensory information to Aid Specific Concentration. Perhaps you have noticed someone looking at you or into the mid distance, yet you can tell they are not really looki
  15. Quote: "What could contribute to the obvious additional effort to bend strings..." With respect. This is the wrong question to be asking at this point in time. It's a question that should have been asked as the Guitar was being accessed prior to purchasing the Instrument. Forgive me for making that point, but consumers in general should be greater listeners and learners. Asking questions at just the right time, before they buy, is a great way to learn. People in Instrument Stores, often act with a certain attitude, as if to Project the image they are Experts, (and tha
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