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  1. It wasn't bad seeing old Ringo back on stage either. Not to mention Stevie Wonder and Chicago :-)
  2. Thank's JM. You're right, I should have mentioned the small budget. Basically, I need to know if I can play through a stomp box like a Digitech Vocalist Live plugged into my sound card and record that way. ??
  3. That's basically it BBG. I hate singing flat in any instance. The finished product is important, but I sing and play to have fun. So I'd like to use a stomp box or effects module that I can connect into my sound card while I'm recording. I was told that you can connect a console with built-in effects to a USB interface and sing and hear the effects while these effects are not recorded on the DAW. I would prefer something like a dedicated effects processor like a Digitech Vocalist Live 2,3, 4 etc. Thank's quote name='blindboygrunt' timestamp='1390894594' post='1478908'] I think Pete is asking ( correct me if I'm wrong Pete) for something that will change his voice live. So the reverb, or whatever he likes to add to his voice , can be heard while he sings. Some sort of in line pedal or such. If youre not a fan of your own voice , and I can relate to that , it helps with the performance that its enhanced at the moment of the performance. You do end up trusting the mixing software to make you sound like Beyonce after a while though , therefore gaining confidence while performing in studio. Or drugs will also work
  4. Thank's Jeremy. My program has indeed many effects, but these effects can only be applied after the recording has been made. I need to hear the effects as I'm recording so my voice isn't flat when I sing into the software. I get into it a lot more that way and I offer a much better performance, thus better recording. It has more feeling. My voice is good, but I like to have fun when I sing. So, my question reiterated, does anyone have external effects plugged in to a sound card going into a DAW ? Thank's again.
  5. I've started using Acoustica Mixcraft 6 and I love it. I'm relatively new to software recording as I used a Boss BR 600 before. Of course, tremendous possibilities with a DAW. I have pro tools and other software but I find Mixcraft A LOT SIMPLER. Would appreciate feed-back from anyone who uses it. Thank's
  6. Hi guys (gals). I've gotten the VocaLive I Rig mic app from the app store and it doesn't work with my SM 58. Does it only work with a special microphone ? Has anyone tried it ? Thank's.
  7. Hi guys. I apologize for the lengthy post. I've asked about acoustic amps and I appreciate your input very much. Here's my dilemma. I have a small studio at home composed of powered speakers, USB interface / sound card, one cardioid mic, an SM-58, a laptop and software. I would like to be able to sing through vocal effects at the same time as I record. I'm of course not a pro, but I'd like my voice to sound as good as possible. What should I purchase? I was looking at a "Digitech Vocalist live 2 or 3" second hand. But can I use a stomp box like this through my sound card (which is an M Audio Fast Track Pro) and hear my voice with effects through my speakers and headset while I'm recording ? Someone suggested to purchase a console that has built-in effects and use only those but since I already have a virtual console in my software I figured this might be redundant. I also like the portability of a stomp box that could be connected to an acoustic amp also. Bottom line is, what is the best equipment I could use to make my voice sound "big" and as pro as possible, in the studio or performing ? Thank's again !
  8. Eloquent : fluent or persuasive in speaking or writing. "an eloquent speech" synonyms: fluent, articulate, expressive, silver-tongued; More antonyms: inarticulate clearly expressing or indicating something. "the touches of fatherliness are eloquent of the real man" synonyms: expressive, meaningful, suggestive, revealing, telling, significant, indicative More
  9. Thank's a million gents for your input on a good acoustic amp. Again lots of good advice from "eloquent" folks on this forum. Thank's for taking the time...Sounds like Fishman is a good deal, but will look into Marshall and Kustom.
  10. Hi all. I'm looking for a good acoustic amp that sounds really good for both singing and guitar playing. I was in San Diego last year and this girl was playing and singing outside for a crowd and sounded amazing with only an amp, no pedals. Should have looked at it from up close :-). Any suggestions???
  11. Thank's PM. Not that I care too much, but always nice to get feedback..
  12. Hi all. I own a Hummingbird Pro cutaway and I absolutely love it. I know that some of the traditional HB owners have said that this model was a cheaper copy, but I would have to say that it's a different guitar. I'd like your "reviews" on the Hummingbird Pro please.
  13. I've been using Elixirs for about a year now. I admit that at first they felt a little strange, but the fact that they last so long, to me, is a major plus.
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