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  1. http://ultimateclass...-guitar-stores/ Gibson will manage imo, thats the latest Ive read.
  2. This is before Big Brother was endorsed by Fender. The SF bay area sound, the more popular bands used similar gear and used a similiar format. Simple catchy hook-melody and improv. The simplicity morphed no doubt and drew a nation in with its simplicity because it invited everyone to the celebration.
  3. I remember the studio double cuts came with that finish also, https://reverb.com/item/638946-gibson-les-paul-studio-double-cut-90s-green
  4. If you dont want to re-finish, grain fill etc, then just use a Gibson cleaner polish, im not sure why your set against that, the other alternative is Murphys oil soap or depending how bad naptha but that gets back to cleaning and polishing. The mahogany finished as such wont get a glass smooth finish anyway unless you fill it. Is the top maple?
  5. The natural binding and LP look great.
  6. Rev how come they are stacked as such, space?
  7. Yeah I get what your saying that SG looks good, that said the pick-ups being raised that high look different in the batwing guard especially without rings and covers its a visual appeal thing. They simply are not noticed with the rings as being as obvious.....anyway rock on.
  8. Foam out of the pick-up cases like SD folded works well, you'll have to play with it though for the right height as mentioned. I did a SG like this with BBs in it, I just didnt like that particular BB pick-up though, I dont think it made any discernable difference but if you do...easy mod, go for it. Imo theres not much difference in the 490s, 57s and so forth as they are balanced well and easy to dial in a tone, the non waxed unpotted pick-ups are different and different in that style pick-up mounting and I think they do make a bit of a difference as I tried the Seths in it also., Both those sets just sound different in that style SG. The angle imho doesnt make any difference since imho your concern becomes the difference in 6 or 12 pole adjustments now. The only exception Ive see with this is with "one" SG where the cover added just enough height where it THEN became too close to the strings and was out of optimal range on a bridge 57+ SG.....which is subjective anyway since for example most players playing clean drop them down looking to clean and warm the highs, jazz comping etc and many prefer the 6-pole in this realm. However the twelve pole for sure would make a difference dropping the front as such--they should be parallel with the strings imho. Either way both sets are great pick-ups but Im not sure that makes any difference with the 6.
  9. Congrats, nice SGJ, I think they sound and play great with the maple neck.....Good Luck.
  10. Look good, congrats! Hows it play?
  11. They are nice SGs -good year, the pick-up placement as you see is different. Feels and sound great thats whats important.
  12. As mentioned above, Gerlitz Guitar Honey, or if you want it darker, Fret doctor, they usually need to be cleaned and conditioned, frets polished and it will be straight.
  13. The LP Tributes are nice electrics. Take someone else with you who is familar with them if you can. Good Luck, play a few if possible. The 490 or 498 is a difference in output alnico II or V. The boards I condition anyway but I wouldnt worry about the boards unless theres visable shrinkage or something as a result of lacking humidity/dryness. Play a few since the 490s are slightly different, I still use a set but my bridge is 8.4 and neck 7.7. Its just a set I liked that balances well. .
  14. Im thinking you may be better off with ebay in getting away from the net of ebay/pay-pal. It seems to me if you use a merchant account you can have more control over the handling of payment and its methods. I haven't read far into it but Authorize.net contacted me about this and opening an account. Or Cybersource and e-payment which I havent compared the two. To me with ebay heres the problem, pay-pal is much too injected and invested in the buyer-seller process to the point of you simply have to figure in a larger loss every year...its imho an unlevel playing field that seriously favors the buyer and basically controls interaction. I think the other methods may somewhat level this and add a more personal interaction and with methods of payment.
  15. Has to be a grounding issue since both RCT and Farns are right imo. My thinking was you might get lucky and it just be the inexpensive connector. But... if its still under warrenty.. dilly dilly . They could simply fix it.
  16. I think the electronics are only covered one year after purchase date. I thought two but was reading here otherwise. THIS WARRANTY DOES NOT COVER: 1. Any instrument that has been altered or modified in any way or upon which the serial number has been tampered with or altered. 2. Any instrument whose WARRANTY card has been altered or upon which false information has been given. 3. Any instrument that has been damaged due to misuse, negligence, accident, or improper operation. 4. The subjective issue of tonal characteristics. 5. Shipping damages of any kind. 6. Any instrument that has been subjected to extremes of humidity or temperature 7. Normal wear and tear (i.e., worn frets, worn machine heads, worn plating, string replacement, scratched pickguards, or damages to or discoloration of the instrument finish for any reason). 8. Any instrument that has been purchased from an unauthorized dealer, or upon which unauthorized repair or service has been performed. 9. Any factory installed electronics after a period of one (I) year following the original date of purchase. 10. Cracking, discoloration or damage of any sort to the finish or plating for any reason. 11. Gibson does not WARRANTY the playability of a instrument whose "action" is lower than the standard "action" as defined in the owners manual."
  17. Absolutely such as the Les Paul and the 70s SGs also and many will tell you the 70s are some of the better sounding SGs out here for that reason. So for example in the case of the DC or the SG today-and the 60s - the pick-ups are moved further back. DC came 24 frets and the SG either 22 or 24 has the same neck pick-up location which is why imo the SG just makes perfect sense for the 24 frets. Or they can revist the 70s thinking -more problematic with the neck joint. So you have a trade off in essense.
  18. Thumps-up....thats OK ....me too, try the phone camera sometimes they work.
  19. lol I dont even have a SG tr cover. Never in life owned a SG with one either. Definitely makes it Special which it is indeed.
  20. Did you try them the in opposite order you may think different about them and not need new pick-ups.
  21. Lol, yeah the OP also or Gibson put them in backwards.
  22. Actually, no. The difference in general is that the bridge version of a particular pickup will be wound hotter. The bridge pickup is a 498T and it is about 7.9K ohms. The neck pickup is a 490R and it is about 14K ohms? You sure? Sounds backwards.
  23. 6.6 wow, you may not need a strap it probably floats. So did you name this sg "neck dive"? And photos of neck dive? I kinda like P-90s ....maybe they put your strap button slightly out of tolerance. I only seen "one" with neck dive back in 99-Standard with a stock ABR nice SG too. Didnt stop anyone from playing it. I guess once in a blue moon, one must slip through. :) That must be one of the rare light mahogany bodies under average at 3.6 lbs married to a slightly heavier neck. Rare animal in the kingdom. They usually sound great as you see most of these rare animals ALSO sound very good. :) Did you say you had a photo?
  24. The odds of you receiving a SG with neck dive seems rather slim. Just saying, course looking for very very lights SGs will increase the odds and probably more so with this model. The SG Jr is one of the models basically stripped down and light to begin with as the weights indicate. The Jr weight reduction comes not from special selected magical wood but reduction of hardware in the body area where it would add weight to the body end-reduce neck dive. They had one the other day at 5.5 lbs. The bodies are just a lot of the average 4lb bodies as are the necks. https://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/SGJRH18VENH?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIsJPBst6E2QIVkbbACh2KnQZREAQYAyABEgKlxPD_BwE with The front strap button placement does make a difference in such a situation since its placed in back of the balance point IF the wood neck is unusually heavy and the body unusually light. Which is why I suggest this is much rarer than people assume. The mid point is the 12th fret the guitar 40-inches - half way 12th fret.
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