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  1. Fitted some D Addario Chromes today and very happy with the results. I have been playing an ES345 for the last 26 years and from time to time I had fitted flatwounds but always felt the tone was a bit "thumpy" on the bass strings. This does not seem to happen on the L5, so it seems to me that the acoustic properties of the L5 lift the tone and give more vibrance to the flatwound strings on the L5. Getting a nice jazz tone and feel now with no string scratch.
  2. I have an ES345 which I purchase new in Australia for $780 in 1977. It has been my favourite guitar ever since that time. Rightly or wrongly I modified it by removing the trapeze tail piece and installing a Gibson body mounted Stop Tail Piece which increased the sustain. This guitar has seen a lot of work and I have had the frets worked after they became to grooved so now it has really low frets and a great smooth action. Mine has Sterio engraved on the truss rod adjustment cover but I reconnected it for mono very early in it's life. I will never part with this guitar.
  3. I have been playing an ES345 since 1977 and love that guitar, however, I recently purchased a new L5CES from the custom shop. It is strung with pure nickel round wound strings. Love the tone but getting a lot of string scratch when I slide on chords. Would like to stick to round wounds for brightness but willing to have a go at flat wounds. I mainly want to use the L5 for chord solo work. I have tried string lubricant and talc powder on my finger tips with very little improvement. I am using a Fender Twin amp and I like to use a little reverb and presence. Any suggestions? PS, never had this problem with the ES345 so it is obviously the acoustic vibrance of the L5 that is causing the string noise.
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