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  1. THanks for that Watersilk - I will check out the Earvana and the tone pros.The only thing I really had to do was to screen her with some conductive paint which helped a lot on the noise front.
  2. I know this is an old post buit I'll put in my 2c worth.I've got a 60's neck Standard and more recently got a '59 VOS.The 60 feels slimmer in hand.The '59 fills the palm more but is actually more comfortable to play.I have quite small hands and finger reach and didnt find any challenge in the 59 neck.I also have an Eric Johnston strat which has a chunky neck but again not trouble moving between any of the necks.
  3. I finally got a '59! Ok, she's real noisy with any sort of gain going on..the bridge has the bent screw issue when adjusting the intonation..the nut isn't the best I've seen...BUT..it just plays,looks and sounds like a DREAM! '59 Lemonburst
  4. I sold a 1978 Wine Red Les Paul Deluxe which I always regretted.It had one of those metal boxes in the control cavity so it was quiet as a mouse even under intense stage lighting.Never went out of tune.Great little player.I also regret selling a late 60's SG with bigsby that I got in Sam Ash music in NY in '77.I was only 19 and didn't know its true worth at the time.Damn it! I went to Sam Ash in '77 to buy a Standard and the sales guy made a real fool of me in the store so palmed me off with the SG...I had only been playing a couple of years so hadn't a clue.Across the street there was a '57 B
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