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  1. I've got one, they are awesome. Really loud, huge base, really clear and woody.
  2. Not sure about the J35, But the 34 Jumbo has a huge neck. Great guitar.
  3. jw3571

    2020 J55

    Thanks for posting, sounds pretty similar the 34 jumbo, maybe a little warmer. The 34 sounds like it could be louder, it's a real cannon, although this guy wasn't playing super loud.
  4. jw3571

    2020 J55

    So what affect on tone does the slightly longer scale length make? I don't want them to be the exact same sounding guitar.
  5. jw3571

    2020 J55

    I have the 34 Jumbo and it's awesome.
  6. jw3571

    2020 J55

    Nobody has played one of these?
  7. Anyone played one of the new J55's? How does it compare to other 2020's? Which is it most similar to?
  8. I have the 1960's HB fixed bridge. It's a fantastic Hummingbird, the best modern one i've played and i've owned 3 or 4. I compared it to the one in the pic above and the 1960's fixed bridge blew it out of the water.
  9. I purchased the following, I'll list them in order of my preference for them. SJ 200 Pre War, 1957 SJ200 Original Jumbo 1960's Hummingbird 1942 Southern Jumbo They are all really fantastic, i've owned a number of Gibson acoustics over the year but these are all awesome.
  10. I have one. It's a great guitar. I've purchased a few of the 2020 and this is probably my least favorite, but it's more that the other guitars are just exceptional.
  11. I have this guitar and the 1957 SJ, they are both fantastic.
  12. This was not purchased from Guitar Center but I did buy it from a Gibson dealer online. I have not changed the strings yet. I usually like 13's on my guitars but I'm not sure that would really suit the Dove.
  13. I measured the relief at the 7th fret. It's a brand new guitar. I've loosened the truss as far as it goes, to the point where it's completely loose.
  14. I adjusted the truss rod for more relief. The relief is at .015 and the buzz is still there on the open low E and open D. It mostly goes when fretted but gets worse at the 8th fret. I tried tightening the truss rod and the buzz got worse. Here is a pic of the nut. Yes I can take it to a tech but I was trying to avoid that if possible.
  15. Thanks for the responses. I don't believe it's the saddle. The string does appear to sit pretty low in the nut. The buzz does sound better when fretting at the second fret, but it's still there. Is that true that tightening the truss rod gets rid of buzz on open strings? That seems backwards to me.
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