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  1. Okay thanks, then how does the Southern Jumbo fit in with those?
  2. Which was the loudest with bigger bass?
  3. I'm considering a few of the new 2020 models. What are the tone differences between the Advanced Jumbo, Original Jumbo, and Southern Jumbo? Is there a ton of overlap between the 3?
  4. Interesting, thanks for the replies.
  5. I see that there are 2 models of custom shop 2020 hummingbirds, one with adjustable saddle and one without. Why would one want an adjustable saddle? What't adjustable about them?
  6. How much overlap is there between the Southern Jumbo and AJ? Stupid to own both?
  7. Anyone been able to play any of the 2020 Historic lineup? I'm pretty intrigued by the SJ200 Pre War as well as the 1942 Southern Jumbo.
  8. I've been debating getting a Wildwood Vintage AJ, has anyone played one of those. They are pretty expensive but look like a great instrument.
  9. I've seen this and asked the question before. Supposedly it's illegal for Japanese Gibson dealers to ship to the US. The people on ebay are resellers who typically don't own the actual guitar they are selling. If you buy, they go buy from the store where it's much cheaper than US prices.
  10. Just picked up a SJ200 Vine edition, i'm considering putting mediums on the guitar to give it a little more oomph. I'm worried it may choke the sound a bit, what are people's opinions on mediums on a SJ200?
  11. You can never really tell by a short audio clip like that. I have 3 Authentic's(none are the 1941), and they are all incredible guitars. Never played the real deal but these really are sweet sounding guitars. I have a few great Gibson's as well but they have their own sound.
  12. Hey guys, I decided to end up selling this beauty. I've just bought too many acoustics in the last 6 months. My link
  13. I've had mediums on my maple HB and i'm thinking of going back to 12's.
  14. jw3571

    J45 12 Fret

    Definitely a degenerate. One question on the neck i don't fully understand. When you talk of a "shallow" neck what does that exactly mean? Does that just mean it's a thinner neck with a v profile?
  15. There has been some discussion on the new J45 12 fret model that Wildwood Guitars got in. I'm debating pulling the trigger on one but won't be able to play it first. The Gibson's i currently have are an Original Jumbo 1934 reissue, SJ200 1938 reissue, and two hummingbirds, one in maple the other in mahogany. Would there be too much overlap between what i have and the 12 fret J45? It looks nearly identical to the OJ, do people think the j45 would be a fairly mellow guitar? I seem to like guitars have great bass and feel more alive if that makes sense. Opinions?
  16. i'm having a hell of a time trying to post better pics, everything is too big trying to post them through here, i tried doing a link to photobucket but don't think that's working
  17. Took delivery today of the Hummingbird Custom Quilt. Beautiful guitar, hand painted inlays, abalone everywhere. Great sound, I have it strung with 13's, I may try the 12's just to see which I prefer.
  18. Does anyone use medium strings on a hummingbird? I usually put mediums on all my guitars but am unsure about how the bird will respond to them.
  19. Well I pulled the trigger on it, I'll post pics next week when I get it.
  20. I'm considering buying the maple Hummingbird Custom in Viper blue, it's limited edition, I already have a hummingbird that's red spruce/mahogany. Would owning these two be redundant or since it's maple would it make it quite a bit of difference? I won't be able to play before i buy. Thanks
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