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  1. Definitely a degenerate. One question on the neck i don't fully understand. When you talk of a "shallow" neck what does that exactly mean? Does that just mean it's a thinner neck with a v profile?


    Great bass and a lively feeling response? You are apparently a musical degenerate with tastes comparable to mine! I believe the 12-fretter might do you proud☺

  2. There has been some discussion on the new J45 12 fret model that Wildwood Guitars got in. I'm debating pulling the trigger on one but won't be able to play it first. The Gibson's i currently have are an Original Jumbo 1934 reissue, SJ200 1938 reissue, and two hummingbirds, one in maple the other in mahogany. Would there be too much overlap between what i have and the 12 fret J45? It looks nearly identical to the OJ, do people think the j45 would be a fairly mellow guitar? I seem to like guitars have great bass and feel more alive if that makes sense. Opinions?

  3. I'm considering buying the maple Hummingbird Custom in Viper blue, it's limited edition, I already have a hummingbird that's red spruce/mahogany. Would owning these two be redundant or since it's maple would it make it quite a bit of difference? I won't be able to play before i buy. Thanks

  4. mine says 1/30 on this inside. They all say this. As far as the bass, it's got a great bass response. It's not the biggest bass i've ever had, that would got to my Gibson Super 200 that I just sold. It had the biggest bass i've ever heard on a guitar, unfortunately, the rest of the guitar seemed muddy, which is why I went with the 38 Reissue. As far as price, I found someone on the Ebay that had an unplayed one, paid way less than $5k.

  5. Does anyone have one of these? There doesn't seem to be many around. It looks like they have an Adi/Rosewood combo. I'm curious as to the tone compared to a standard SJ200. They look like they are $5k, pretty steep.


    I've had a few SJ200's and haven't found one that really does it for me. They've all seemed not that loud and maybe too balanced.

  6. I think they look and sound pretty great. With there not being many of these around, how do you think their value would hold? What are others thoughts on the video. It sounds in the video much like a SJ200.


    Are you talking about the Split Diamond Inlay on the guard??? That's not a sticker it's done in Mother of Pearl.





  7. I'm trying to decide between a Adi or a Sitka SJ200. Unfortunately, I won't be able to play before I buy as no dealers around have them in stock. I have a few guitars and I've tended to like the Adi tops more, so I'm leaning towards that, but what are others opinions. I'm looking for that classic SJ200 sound.

  8. Thanks, do you think the custom logo that's on the other ones is just a sticker? I noticed on GC they don't have the custom logo on the pick guard.


    Here's a demo :



    for some reason the put a songwriter pickguard on this one but it's still a Super 200.













  9. I'm trying to find the best strings to bring out all the great qualities of my new hummingbird. I'm not sure what strings the shop where I purchased the guitar from had on it but it sounded a little dead. Yesterday I put D'addario EJ12 80/20 strings on it. So the far the results are mixed, i like how it makes it sound brighter but it sounds like it's missing something. What's everyone's favorite strings for their Hummingbird?

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