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  1. Reverb is great, lower fees, and it seems like you get less bottom feeders that try to make ridiculous low offers.
  2. I've got one of these and they are fantastic.
  3. Thanks for the nice compliments. Let me answer a few questions. Yes it's a 34 Original Jumbo Reissue. The Bird is the Red Spruce version that's actually Mahogany not Maple. I love the bright red on the burst, the bird sounds great. The Red Spurce gives it a little more punch but I can tell it needs to break in as it does a bit stiff. The J200 is the Mystic Rosewood version which gives it a bass response that I really enjoy.
  4. Here is a pic of my new Hummingbird Red Spruce along with the rest of my Gibson family.
  5. Hey, It just happens i'm selling j200 case. Perfectly functional but fairly beat up on the outside. I was looking for $50 plus shipping.
  6. Can I ask you what you snagged it for on clearance? That's just the model i'm looking at. I actually have a natural Mystic Rosewood that is really a great guitar but I was thinking of adding a sunburst as well.
  7. Thanks, they seller is stuck on $4,000 for a sunburst SJ200 Custom with the abalone trim. I believe these were $4800 new, the discount doesn't seem good enough to me.
  8. Are sunburst SJ200's worth more money than their natural colored siblings? I've been looking at some SJ200 customs and they vary in price.
  9. Does anyone feel that an adi top on a hummingbird wouldn't mix well?
  10. How would the red spruce affect the tone compared to the sitka top? I assume it may make it louder and more responsive? It wouldn't get rid of the classic hummingbird sound would it/
  11. I'm considering purchasing HB. On Wildwood's site they have limited edition red spruce/hog that looks interesting. They also have one of the quilted maple/sitka versions. My concerns are, I already have a Original Jumbo 1934 reissue that's adi/hog, will the HB with the same combo sound really close to it or being a bird will it sound quite different. The maple worries me a little as the maple guitars i've played before never really have that punch i'm after. I won't be able to play either of them, opinions?
  12. Thanks for the responses. My OJ is a hog. I've had an AJ before and it was great but I found the bass a little lacking, I sold it when i upgraded to a Santa Cruz D/PW. The sound demo was great, thanks for posting that.
  13. I know these are two completely different guitars, but i'm curious how the compare in the following categories. The SjJ200 i'm considering is a Rosewood Custom model. 1. Which has more bass 2. Which would be louder 3. Which would have more that classic Gibson thump. I tend to like louder in your face guitars but am considering either of these options. I have a Gibson OJ 1934 reissue, so which would compliment it most? Thanks
  14. jumbos supposed to have more power, volume, and bass than a dread? I always thought this was supposed to be the case as they are bigger than a dread. However, I've owned two jumbos where this wasn't the case. The two guitars were a Taylor 618 and a Gibson SJ200. I wouldn't say either of these was louder or had more bass than my dreads. They sounded airier if that's a word. Is this fairly common?
  15. How much overlap is there between the Hummingbird and the J45 or the 1934 Original Jumbo Reissue. As Jesse's described already the 2016 HB Vintage seems pretty sweet, but i'm worried that it will overlap too much with OJ. Thoughts?
  16. What are people's thoughts on the the new HB Vintage? I doubt many people have had a chance to play one. The price seems a little steep but I am somewhat intrigued. I just bought a 1934 OJ Reissue, how do people feel the HB Vintage would compare. I also used to have a MC Hummingbird, would the new vintage have more of a dry sound than that since it has the Thermo top?
  17. I recently bought a 1934 Original Jumbo reissue, i'm curious between the tone differences between this model, the Southern Jumbo, and the standard or TV J45. I played one SJ 12 fret and it sounded more mellow than my OJ. Are both of these models more mellow than the OJ?
  18. I mentioned a few days ago that I purchased a 1934 OJ Reissue. One thing I noticed while changing strings was that the bridge pins were not all consistent. Every other one appears to be a different color. Cream vs more of an ivory? Is this normal? They also didn't do a very good job keeping the strings in while I was restringing, they popped out a few times. Should I be purchasing some Colosi pins?
  19. I put some John Pearse Mediums on it and it sounds great. I had some people on the AGF board tell me this guitar can't handle medium strings and it will hurt the top, is this true? I'll post a NGD pic later today.
  20. I finally ended up purchasing a 1934 OJ Reissue. I should get it Saturday. What strings do people recommend to get the true character of the guitar?
  21. I know, that was the one I was bidding on.
  22. I've been looking for a 1934 Original Jumbo Reissue, on EBay I've ran into a seller that claims to have 3 brand new ones. Does this seem weird that one seller would have 3 of a guitar that was limited to 100 copies?
  23. I think I may pull the trigger on the OJ. If I could get it for around $2500, do you think I'd be able to break even if I decide to sell it down the road?
  24. Would there be a big step up with the OJ versus a regular Gibson J45 Standard? I can get a good deal on both used but there is still around a $1500 price difference for the OJ.
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