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  1. Thanks for the nice compliments. Let me answer a few questions. Yes it's a 34 Original Jumbo Reissue. The Bird is the Red Spruce version that's actually Mahogany not Maple. I love the bright red on the burst, the bird sounds great. The Red Spurce gives it a little more punch but I can tell it needs to break in as it does a bit stiff. The J200 is the Mystic Rosewood version which gives it a bass response that I really enjoy.

  2. Hey, It just happens i'm selling j200 case. Perfectly functional but fairly beat up on the outside. I was looking for $50 plus shipping.


    Kidblast: thanks for the link but I do kind of want to get it repaired if at all possible but if not I will definitely try this option.

    Thanks to everyone for their ideas they are much appreciated!

  3. Original poster here, I did not install medium strings. I took it to my tech today to the lower the action and put a bone saddle in. One thing I wanted to make clear, was that the treble measurement wasn't 3/64. I never measured the treble. I said that i was at 9/64 on the 12th fret and 3/64 on the first fret. Both measurements were on the low E string.



    If you installed med gauge strings on your Humingbird it could raise the action. Gibson ships the Humingbird with light strings.

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