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  1. Original poster here, I did not install medium strings. I took it to my tech today to the lower the action and put a bone saddle in. One thing I wanted to make clear, was that the treble measurement wasn't 3/64. I never measured the treble. I said that i was at 9/64 on the 12th fret and 3/64 on the first fret. Both measurements were on the low E string.
  2. Bryn6490, I assume those measurements are not using a capo to depress any strings and measuring from the fret to the underside of the string, correct?
  3. The action on my new HB seems fairly high especially as it moves up the fret board. The 12th fret measures 9/64ths with no strings depressed. It's around 3/64ths on the first fret. Is this high? My Taylor seems to much lower.
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