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  1. Unfortunately I can't play a J200, let alone a Custom with the Mystic Rosewood. No where near me has one.
  2. You may have seen from my other post that I'm gassing pretty bad for a J200 Custom. I already have a Hummingbird, AJ, as well as a Taylor 618. I've been also considering a Martin D41 but that J200 seems pretty sweet. Do you guys stick with only Gibson or do you branch out to other brands?
  3. I'm considering getting a J200 Custom Mystic Rosewood. Supposedly only 20 of these were made? What are people's opinion of these? I think they are beautiful with all of the abalone trim. Does anyone on here have one, if so can you describe the tone? Would this be a good compliment to my AJ and Hummingbird or are they redundant.
  4. Here's my pair of Gibson acoustics. A 2013 Hummingbird and 2013 Advanced Jumbo.
  5. Sounds great, is this in an alternate tuning? quote name='EuroAussie' timestamp='1389073006' post='1470505'] Just lovelly.
  6. jw3571

    NGD AJ

    Thanks guys, i appreciate it. I'm going to take it to get set up, the action seems really high.
  7. jw3571

    NGD AJ

    Finally received my AJ. I'm really enjoying it, between my HB and this i've got a great combo. At first strum I wasn't sure I really liked, it's a real different sound than the HB. After 30 minutes though I really like how it sounds.
  8. Definitely looks like a different guitar, the back looks different. Very pretty, I'd like to play it first before dropping that much money,
  9. I've got fairly small hands so a smaller neck is actually welcome. Can't wait for the guitar, I'll post pics when I get it.
  10. Well I just purchased the guitar from MFG, can't wait to get it. An AJ and a Hummingbird should be a sweet combo.
  11. Thanks for the replies guys, I went back to GC to play the one again that was in rough shape. It didn't sound good at all. It was very thin sounding and didn't sound very full, it had no balls. This is only one around me to play, but from everything else I read on here the AJ should be the exact opposite shouldn't it? The one I really want to purchase is from a very well respected online dealer.
  12. So last month I purchased a Hummingbird which I really like. For some reason I'm really wanting an AJ to go with it. I've only been able to find one used AJ at my GC and it was in pretty rough condition. In your guys honest opinion, am I making a mistake by purchasing an AJ so soon after buying a HB? Most people on here have said that the AJ and HB are about as different from each other as you can get, so there isn't any redundancy with having both. I also have a Taylor 618 in my stable. Let me know your opinions.
  13. Anyone pull the trigger on this yet? I tried emailing the seller and he wouldn't give me any info about warranty, etc. He thought I was with Gibson getting on him about selling new on ebay?
  14. How do these two compare? I'm looking at the limited edition SJ200 that has the mystic rosewood but am wondering how that would compare to an AJ. You could buy two AJ's for the money of the SJ200.
  15. Would you guys buy something like this without playing it? I'm considering jumping on it but it's a lot to pay without playing first.
  16. Has anyone ever heard or played one of these? With only 20 made I assume these would hold their value we'll? Does anyone know what top is on this? Is it Sitka?
  17. gorgeous, how much were those if it was bought at a dealer?
  18. You guys are a dangerous crowd to hang out with, you're going to make me pull the trigger .
  19. I've only been able to play one AJ. Do they typically have more bass and are louder than the HB?
  20. Does anyone own both of these guitars? Is it redundant to own both? I have an HB but have been looking at AJ's as well.
  21. Can someone describe the tone differences between the different jumbos, J35, J45, J50, and AJ? I play most rock tunes. I have an HB so i'm looking for something a little different.
  22. Mine is a brand new 2013 model HB
  23. Do limited editions really add any value or is it more of a marketing ploy? I've seen some of the AJ September limiteds where they supposedly only made 75 of them. Would you pay more for one of these than another AJ?
  24. We must've looked it up at the same time. Tusq for both. I'll let you know how it is after the setup
  25. I took my HB in to my tech for a setup and he really recommended a bone saddle? Opinions? What will this do to the tone?
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