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  1. You guys are a dangerous crowd to hang out with, you're going to make me pull the trigger .
  2. I've only been able to play one AJ. Do they typically have more bass and are louder than the HB?
  3. Does anyone own both of these guitars? Is it redundant to own both? I have an HB but have been looking at AJ's as well.
  4. Can someone describe the tone differences between the different jumbos, J35, J45, J50, and AJ? I play most rock tunes. I have an HB so i'm looking for something a little different.
  5. Mine is a brand new 2013 model HB
  6. Do limited editions really add any value or is it more of a marketing ploy? I've seen some of the AJ September limiteds where they supposedly only made 75 of them. Would you pay more for one of these than another AJ?
  7. We must've looked it up at the same time. Tusq for both. I'll let you know how it is after the setup
  8. I took my HB in to my tech for a setup and he really recommended a bone saddle? Opinions? What will this do to the tone?
  9. Original poster here, I did not install medium strings. I took it to my tech today to the lower the action and put a bone saddle in. One thing I wanted to make clear, was that the treble measurement wasn't 3/64. I never measured the treble. I said that i was at 9/64 on the 12th fret and 3/64 on the first fret. Both measurements were on the low E string.
  10. Bryn6490, I assume those measurements are not using a capo to depress any strings and measuring from the fret to the underside of the string, correct?
  11. The action on my new HB seems fairly high especially as it moves up the fret board. The 12th fret measures 9/64ths with no strings depressed. It's around 3/64ths on the first fret. Is this high? My Taylor seems to much lower.
  12. Is Gibson not currently making the Sitka AJ? I see they have an Adirondack? Does that make it brighter than Sitka?
  13. I like the fact that the AJ and HB are worlds apart, I didn't mean I wanted to play them together at the same time. I meant I didn't want two guitars that sounded very similar.
  14. Thanks guys, all great responses.
  15. I was able to play an AJ yesterday which I really enjoyed. It's definately a different animal than the HB. A few questions, I see that some are from historic collection, what does that exactly mean? How would these compare to a Martin D41? I realize this is a Gibson board, but I think a few people on here have both. Is it redundant to have both? I think most people on here would agree that having an AJ and HB is a great combo. One last question, I see there is a also a red spruce Adirondack model. What does that combo sound like, is it brighter than the Sitka?
  16. Would you guys this is Heritage Cherry? It's supposed to be but it's almost looking more like Honey Burst
  17. I switched out the string to D'addario EJ16's. I'm surprised at how much brighter is, I thought it would the opposite going with PB's over the stock 80/20's.
  18. Thanks guys, I did get it at at MFG but they never asked about a set up.
  19. So I just picked up this new Hummingbird, my fears were eased, It sounds pretty sweet to me, much different than my Taylor 618fe. I have a few questions: 1. The action seems fairly high down around the 12th fret, is this typical Gibson? Does anyone know what the factory sets the action at? 2. Does anyone know what strings come on these, I believe they are 12's and I would assume they are Gibson, but are they PB or 80/20's, i'd like to put fresh strings on. 3. What usually comes with new Gibson acoustics in the case? All I got was a warranty card, is this normal?
  20. I decided to pull the trigger on 2013 Hummingbird, it's on its way as we speak. I made the mistake of reading some reviews of the Hummingbird over on AGF and most of them weren't positive. They talked about spotty quality control and a tone that didn't have much balls behind it. A nice blending sound while strumming but lacking a real low end. I got a different feeling when reading reviews over here. I currently have a Taylor 618, how will it compare to this?
  21. I've been unable to track down an AJ to give a test drive. I have found a Hummingbird I may pull the trigger on. Can someone explain the tone difference between the two?
  22. Just got back from Guitar Center. I went in really hoping to like a J45, I tried a few different ones, a standard and a vintage. I didn't really care for either, they both sounded really thin to my ears. I came across a Hummingbird that I really enjoyed, it had that dirty Gibson sound that everyone talks about. I'm not sure what model it even was, I think it was Sitka top with Mahogany back, the price tag $3999. I also really like a Martin D41, tough decision, any opinions?
  23. What are the main differences between these two guitars sounds wise? I'm trying to decide between these two or a Martin D41. Thanks.
  24. I know looks is only a small percentage of what makes a great guitar, but I like my acoustics to have a little bit of bling like some of the high end Taylors and Martins. Besides the Doves in Flight, are there any other models that bling?
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