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  1. What I would like to see is Gibson go a bit more adventurous and come out with a non-truss rod version of say the Banner LG2 much as Collings did with their first Waterloos. Now that would be something to see. A maple body Banner LG2 would also truly be appreciated. But give those who already own say a Bozeman-made J-200 something different other than just looks. Problem is guitars with specs that match the originals tend to be very pricey so if the price tags of these gives you sticker shock you ain''t seen nothing yet.
  2. The best way to judge these new offerings is on their own merits rather than how they compare to the originals. Structurally they appear to be very different from the originals such as a '36 J35 with scalloped braces or a '57 J200 without the second wide angle brace above the soundhole. No doubt an Interesting move on Gibson's part though.
  3. By the way, even if you go with surgical tubing it is still made with pure gum rubber so it is also a good idea to wrap it with cheesecloth.
  4. My first question would be did you void the warranty by working on the frets. I have never owned a guitar with a warranty so have never had to ponder such things.. If the dimple impacts your playing or is aesthetically abhorrent to you , I would take it to a good repair guy and have him make it right.
  5. Technically finishes do not cure because there is no chemical reaction involved. They dry. Back in the day, Gibson used to spray the lacquer on in thick even coats because it would lose half its thickness during the first year alone. But what they use these days ain't your granddaddy's lacquer. Not only do they use a different solvent to meet EPA standards but add catalyzers which cause the finish to dry quicker while allowing them to shoot it in a thinner coat. The guitar stand comment is interesting. As a rule of thumb, I replace the rubber tubing on a stand with surgical tubing.
  6. It would be easier to figure out what guitars Bob Dylan has not played. That guy in the video kinda freaks me out.
  7. The small Mom & Pop stores I tend to frequent though often hang their high dollar stuff behind the counter where you can see it but do not have easy access to. them.
  8. I have only walked into a GC once. I paid no attention to the new stuff so took no notice of how they were was displayed. I was there for a specific used guitar - a Kay K24 so headed straight to the back room where it was hanging way up high. The strings on it were so old you needed a tetanus shot to play it. When I asked why they did not even bother to restring the guitar, I was answer with it was not their policy to do so on "vintage" guitars. WTF?
  9. On a positive note, Gibson went back to the 1 11/16" nut width in 1969. Gibson, however, also beefed up the bracing that year which was a decision based not on sound but on avoiding warranty issues which are a major drag on any builder's bottom line. 1969 is also the year that ECL purchased a major stake in CMI so marks the end of an era.
  10. I am going to go out on a limb here as say you either have a bogus Gibson or for whatever reason a bogus label. Gibson did not need an offshore budget line as they had Epiphone to fill that slot,
  11. There is certainly a group of us who live for this kind of stuff. Lawdy, we need to get a life.
  12. Does Slash know how to play in anything other than the minor pentatonic? And Leon Russell looked better in the top hat. Hey, I used to wear a top hat in the 1960s, one of those that you hit the brim ad the rest popped out.
  13. Sounds like a punchline to a joke/
  14. That is picture of the edge of the fingerboard but not the neck heel. The connection between Harmony and the Oscar Schmidt company (other than the model names "Stella" and "Sovereign") ends around 1940 after Harmony had run out of leftover guitars and parts. Again, the body style of your guitar did not appear until around 1957 or 1958 which shows that it was not pieced together by Harmony at the factory but much later. Here is a photo of my leftover Schmidt Stella which Harmony re-badged and sold under the Grenada name. Here is what the body shape of your guitar looked like from 1940 into the later-1950s (this is my1942 H165 Stella which shared the same body style)
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