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  1. Glad you got it all sorted and have it back . They are great guitars. I was extremely happy with the pickups in my SG. I have a couple Elitist Les Pauls with the same pickups and I'm not too thrilled with them, but in an SG they are right on the money for that signature SG tone (in my opinion).
  2. Thanks Red, this I've been on a lucky tear on Craiglist, this is my 3rd Elitist since March! And I agree these things are superb.
  3. Got this beauty off Craigslist. A 2004 Elitist LP Studio in Sunburst. The grain on the top really caught my eye in the ad pics. I snapped a few pics when I got it home and it is a stunner. I paid $375 which I consider a steal. The seller knew that the guitar could probably bring in more, but he is distrustful of Ebay. Anyway, I'm loving it. As a player, I think I even like it more than my Elite Plus Top. It is very comfortable to play. The neck feels great with no sharp edges anywhere and the best fret ends I have ever felt (or not felt). So I'm up to 3 elitists now. Really digging
  4. When I rewired my Explorer, I took the pots out. I cut some holes in a piece of cardboard spaced the same as the guitar and poke the pots through the cardboard (top of a shoebox works great). Then you can work just outside the cavity, just above it. This helps ensure an easy fit when you put them back in, and gives you plenty of room to work. I also recommend putting some newspaper over the guitar to protect the finish. I do this for Les Pauls as well.
  5. That is an extremely cool guitar. Love the vibe, everything looks just right, the inlays, the mini-hums and the tailpiece just work so well together visually.
  6. Very cool and nice playing, I dug it. It is easy to see you're loving it! I've got a Korina Explorer and I love it.
  7. Nice deal and sweet axe! Happy (soon to be) new guitar day!
  8. Here it is in a separate thread. http://forum.gibson.com/index.php?/topic/99985-finally-got-elitist-sg/
  9. Can't wait to see pics. I picked one up last Sunday and I'm blown away. What color did you get? I'll be interested in your opinion on the pickups, I think they sound amazing and the guitar has a very authentic SG sound. I looked up the sold listings on Ebay and I think I saw the one you bought. Mine is a 2004 as well in ebony so basically identical.
  10. Well I did end up getting a really nice Elitist SG in Philly last Sunday. I got an Ebony Model, it is in really nice shape with a few small scratches on the front. It came with case candy, but non original case, just the regular Epi case, not the elitist. This is an amazing guitar. I love my Elite Les Paul, but these pickups sound even better in an SG. The neck is ROCK SOLID. I had one of the white 3-pickup Epi Customs and I absolutely hated it and one reason was that the neck was wobbly as hell. Anyway the long neck tenon really makes a difference. The fit and finish are just amazing
  11. Very cool. Welcome to the Silverburst club. I'm not usually a fan of a Bigsby, but I have to say it looks badass on your guitar.
  12. Thanks for the tips guys. I did see the 2 SGs on Ebay. I'm really picky though, and one is a factory 2nd which I would never buy and the other has quite a few dings including a pretty ugly one on top of the headstock. I also think the dinged one is asking too much. There is a much nicer one on Craigs outside Philly about an hour from me. My only issue with that one is that it is black and I dig the cherry more. It is a killer deal though $500. I'm sure another cherry will come along and be a good deal (I'm also cheap lol). Here's a link, it looks mint in the pics. http://p
  13. Yeah the Elite/Elitist Les Pauls and SGs were made in Japan 2002 to 2008. After I got my Les Paul I started looking into them and they really are great guitars. Would have been 2 amazing deals in 2 weeks if I snagged the SG. There's a beautiful black Elitist SG outside Philly for a good price, but I have my heart set on Cherry. I may look at the G-400 pro, but I've got an Elitist bug now. The Epiphone Wiki has some good info on the Elite/Elitists lines. http://epiphonewiki.com/index.php/Elitist_Series
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