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  1. Hi Herby airbrushed me my Wolf Firebird. http://www.guitarmaniacs.de/cgi-bin/gallery.pl?action=gallery&id=3966&E-Gitarre%20%286-saitig%29_Wolf_Firebird Enjoy the pictures and the (german) text. Regards
  2. Hi Guys Thanx for the advices. I will se what I can do. My youngest daughter is there since August last year and she makes a High-School year in Hudsonville. I will take her back home to Germany when I am in USA in June 2014. I was also thinking to visit Detroit but I skipped this, because I heared Detroit is crashed down and criminal environment?? So I think going to Chicago once (makes it sense??) or better across the lake whith The ferry boat to Milwaukee to see the Harley Davidson Museum. I owe an Royal Enfield (In USA some Indian Chiefs have had the Enfield Motor) But my Enfield is a Diesel Bike. So I am wondering about going to the HD Museum. May be there is something else also in Milwaukee to see?? Sorry this isn't direct related to Gibson, but I see some guy here are familiar with this area, so I think, they could give me a hint anyway?? And Rockmusic and Bikers, this is a good Mixture I think. Regards drstrange
  3. Hi from Stuttgart Germany From 01.June to 10.June 2014 I am in Grand Rapids in Michigan. This is my first Trip to USA and I really do not know if it is the last or not. So I'm wondering about going to Kalamazoo? Its not so far away. I could rent a car and go there for one or two days? Does it matter? Is there some Museum there from The Gibson Company? Or is there a possibility to visit other places which are relevant for Gibson fans? Is Kalamazoo a remarcable town anyway to male a sightseeing tour? Thank you for the answer. drstrange
  4. Hi I got the bolts and the screws for 7 Euro. But this where Metric M4 and steel with gold (no brass and no inch) so I used this and it works perfectly. The Guitar now looks even better. And the Function of the bridge is now 100% ok. We wonder to change partly the bridge (head) to a metal one and the PU to a Kinmam P90 noiseless. After this Mods, this Guitar would work grandios. If one want to sell, he can fast and without big effort recover the old status. Bridge head and PU will be placed in the case. What do you say about this Modification? BTW: The Gibson service did not answer yet. I think, they never will. Regards drstrange
  5. I need only the nuts not the posts but this both ?? inch nuts. I called the gibson europe service center 008800-44427661 (You can take a choice between english, french, italian, spain and german language) They will look what they can do for me. So I am in hope again to get this both little knurled brass nuts foe my ES125TC. Thanx. I will give a hint if it was successful or not.
  6. Hi some other little questions to this guitar: 1.) It has a wood bridge. How is this wood bridge called if I want to have a replacement? Has it a Gibson number or label? Can I replace the upper wood part with another metal part to configure string by string alone? 2.) On this bridge we have 2 round flat knurled brass nuts to be able to configure the bridge up and down. This nuts are from brass and damadged. You cannot screw the nuts up to shift the bridge up because the winding thread of the nuts is more or less lost. The both bolts are ok but the knurled brass nuts (ca. 15,8mm diameter ca. 2,8mm thick) should be replaced. Until now one put two thin washers under the nuts to configure the strings height. So where can I order or find this both brass knurled nuts to make the guitar 100% working again? Do this nuts have a gibson number or label? If brass is not available I would also take gold plated nuts. And whats the thread size in inches of this nuts and bolts? Sorry but my english is f.... bad. Hope you understand my problems. Picture from the guitar are here to see: http://www.guitarmaniacs.de/cgi-bin/gallery.pl?action=gallery&id=5020 Regards drstrange
  7. Hi Thanks for the reply. I think in fact because its a thinline but hollowbody, it has a special sound and someone who loves playing Delta Blues or some other Folk-Blues or special Jazz will search such a Guitar, because of the special tone, this guitar has. Its not so warm and full an rich like the fat Jazzmammas like the ES300 etc. Also because of the lam. Maple thinline Body it sounds more like a cigar box guitar and this might be useful for folkloristic Blues. Ymy2c. I never saw a thinline before without sustainblock. May be it doesn't matter, Until this Modell I even never saw a 125er at all. :-) Regards drstrange
  8. Thanx for the fast reply. I saw several ebay prices roundabout 1500 Dollars sometimes more somtimes less, it depends from colour and condition. Also ES125TDC with 2xPUs are available. But the most of the offers I saw, where from the US. In Europe it seems to me a rare Model. May be Gibson did not sell their Student Models so much to overseas? Regards drstrange
  9. Why do you say 1966 or 1969? The serial Number begins with 8. Regards drstrange
  10. Hi I have a ES125TC (ink stamped in the back of the guitar through the lower f-hole) no label paper inside. The 6 digit Serial Number is ink stamped on the back of the headstock and its 810540 without extra space between the first digit and the rest of the digits. The colour seems faded cherry red sunburst. One black ear dog P90 in the neck position. 1 volume 1 tone pot. This model was build from 1960 to 1970?? 1.) from which year is this guitar. 1968 I suppose. Is this right? 2.) Whats the wood of this guitar neck fretboard body? 3.) What was the price when it was new? 4.) Whats the price now if its in good (not mind) conditions? 5.) What strings (size and kind of) do you recommend? 6.) Its a thinline but its also hollow body and not a semi-acoustic?? Oha a lot of stupid questions but may be you can help me? I am not a professional, its my hobby. Best Regards drstrange
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