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  1. Long&McQuade was only one of the stores in the Vancouver area I was looking at Gibson's. For a Christmas present my wife said go get the Gibson you keep going on about. I always wanted a J45 but could not find one that to me was built any better than my Masterbilt. For the money they want for them and the QC I saw I thought it was kind of sad. I will say though I did look at couple Humming Birds that were very nice but it was not just a L&M thing Mik B)
  2. I know this post is a little old but just putting in my two cents worth. In the past three months I have been looking at J45's and a couple Humming Birds thinking I might get one. Well from the ones I looked at in four different stores the Humming Birds were ok but I couldn't find a new J45 I would take home for the money they want and the QC I saw. I can say the Epiphone DR500MCE I have since 2012 is a lot better built than the 45's I checked out for sure Think I'll just stay with that all though I might go for a Humming Bird yet. Just thought you might want to know that olie Mik B)
  3. I have four Epi's (six if we count Mando's) there all great sounding and I love them all. But the DR500MCE built in November of 2011 that I bought new in 2012 tone wise is the best of them all and that includes a 1966 Texan I bought in 1968. That said I will still love playing all of my Epi's till the day I can't anymore then my son and grand children get them to enjoy for there lives. B) Mik
  4. I change the pins in all my guitars to Tusq by Graph Tech they sand to fit real easy. I find a difference in the sound in everyone all things can be improved if only even in YOUR mind. Enjoy your new guitar Masterbilts rock. B)
  5. Their history is deep their name is real they were respected by some of the greatest players to ever play. Mik B)
  6. You know if you don't like a guitar or a brand move on to what you like. Most her are proud of the guitar they chose to play and don't need to here it being cut down and picked apart. Just a proud Epi players two cents Mik B)
  7. The Sta-Tite vintage on my DR500MCE are not very good there 18:1. They have a nylon bushing in them that wears out. I'm on my second and last set the guitar is a 2011 model and if this set doesn't last longer than the last its Graph Tec Ratio next. Mik B)
  8. Thanks for the reply I find it strange though with all the DR500MCE's that they sold since 2011 (that is the year mine was built) that mine is the only one with the bushings wearing out. Since I made the first post it has been to a very good luthier who I have used for years he said the set up and everything is still good since he saw it last year. He thinks as I do not a good place to put nylon so now I'm going to make new bushings from brass. Thanks for letting me rant Mik B)
  9. Has anyone had any problems with the nylon bushing on the end of the worm gear of the tuning machine wearing out. Last time changing strings I notice the bass side tuners on mine where getting sloppy the treble side are good no slop what so ever. I notice looking at them that there is a nylon bushing in the one end and all three bass side are starting to wear out you can see them starting to stick out this gives them slop. It still holds tune great but I know that down the road there will be trouble. I contacted Gibson support by e-mail they said take it to a thec. I contacted Grover talked to a nice guy named Chuck this was his reply. Take the one off that is wore( at the time he though I said it was one) take a photo of the back the side that sits on the peg head and send it to him this I did here is what he said. These are good ones (don't know what that means) send me the wore one well replace it I said all three on the bass side have the same problem why not replace the set. Then he said if all three are wore he didn't think it would be good to replace them as there is some other problem with the guitar like the nut or saddle or something and they would just wear out again. So now I would like to know if anyone is seeing the same problem as I think it is just a fault of bad parts or poor deseing or both. You put nylon where there is lots of turning back and forth it wears out.Yes it is going to see the thec. next week. Sorry this is so long winded but if anyone has any info I'm all ears. Mik B)
  10. I have a Masterbilt 500MCE I use the Oasis Plus brown and yellow in the sound hole and the blue and yellow standard in the case. If the humidity gets over 60% I take the case one out until it goes back down to 45% or so but the sound hole stays in all the time year round. When I first got this guitar my tech friend who has helped me for over 35 plus years said get a good sound hole humidifier and leave it in there all the time. Been all over Canada and the US with this thing traveling in our motorhome I have had 0 problems. Olie is correct the salt test works great to check your hygrometer. Mik B)
  11. E-mail bogey2bogey@yahoo.ca Thanks again might help me to make my mind up one way or the other

  12. Looking at some old posts I read where you had the finish on your Texan sanded down. I'm thinking of doing this to a masterbilt did you do it yourself and how big a job was it or did you have it done for you. I can not see how thinning out the finish could not help the sound to improve. Anyhow thanks for any info in advance I enjoy reading your posts thanks Mick

  13. Just saw this post I use the Oasis humidifiers and have been for as long as they have been out never had one problem and I use them year around. I use one in the sound hole and one in the neck guitar in the case when not playing. Never worried about how the case sat just not upside down although one time flying from B.C to Ontario they did put it upside down everything was still good. For the price of these things and your time to fill them every eight to ten days its the best investment you will ever make for your guitar. B)
  14. Anyone here had any problems with tuning machines on there Masterbilts. I have the DR500MCE with the 18:1 Grover Sta-Tite tuners and the other day when changing strings I noticed that the nylon worm or washer on all three bass side tuners are worn out. When you let the tension go on the string the tuners become very sloppy it still holds tune good but I think some time down the road I am going to have problems. Mik B)
  15. Where did you buy the guitar from if it was a good dealer why not take it back to them and have them deal with or repair it for you. I had some problems with mine and that is what Epiphone wanted me to do first and it was looked after ok for me. B)
  16. Along with hearing elixir are made by D'Addario I also know that elixir winds there strings then coats them. D'Addairo coats there strings then winds them. Lots of difference there. Mik B)
  17. Been there with strings on my DR500MCE tried all kinds of them over a years time different brand each month. D'Addario's EXP Coated NY Steel custom light 11-52 were the one's for me. Mik B)
  18. The more we hear about Epiphone's the better I say bring it on hot and heavy boys you are doing great thing putting out this new line love them.Mik B)
  19. Nice looking guitar man I like the look of that hear stock very cool Good job have fun. Mik B)
  20. Epiphone dose a great job in putting out well made well sounding guitars that try to stay with there history and still be at a price point we can all handle. I have had Epi. guitars for fifty years now and still love them all new and old. B) Mik
  21. Thanks for the reply I will give that stuff a try. Mik B)
  22. What do some of you guys think is best to use to remove pick scratch. B)
  23. In my band we play a lot of acoustic tunes we use three Gibson's two J45 one Hummingbird we also use 4 Epi's three Masterbilts one EL00 Pro. Every one shares the stage in our view each plays as good as the other night after nigh get what I'm saying here.Mik B)
  24. As I said in my first post I used the same pins in my Masterbilt just used 400 grit to sand to fit then used extra fine 1200 grit auto body paper to smooth them out took all of 30 minutes. If you go to Graph Tech site they tell you the pins are made of dens material and sanding does not change them in any way. For what its worth I figure sanding the pins was far easier than cracking or over sizing the bridge. Mik B)
  25. I put the same pins in my DR500MCE about two months ago had the same thing happen three fit good three were tight I sanded down the pins no problem. Mik
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