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    Hey guys I have a 2001 J-45 (original owner) this guitar is my baby and I take very very good care of her. I was adjusting the neck on her to give her some relief to help out with some buzzing that was going on which is very unusual for her because she's usually right on the money and I don't have to ever touch the neck (I figured she was just mad at me for taking my Martin D-35 to a gig last week instead of her.. guitars have souls after all) but as I went to give it some relief the nut just kept spinning. I could literally take my finger and twist it counter clock wise with no response what so ever until it would just come off (which I know it's not suppose to do) I don't think the truss rod is broken because when I tighten it she responds. I've tried tuning it up half a step left it for a day to see if that would help stretch the neck a bit to see if I could get some kind of response when I went to give it some relief and it didn't work. I'm out of ideas on what to do.. I did some research and sent Gibson an email just waiting for them to respond. Any tips tricks or advice to whatever is going is greatly appreciated. My 41 year old Martin on the other hand plays like a charm and I've never had any issues out of it, and it gets played and looked after just like my J-45 (my gibby is my favorite btw) I have no idea what's going on. HELP my kid is sick!!
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