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  1. I love mine. Some of the finishing/trim is kinda rough upon close inspection, but that's nitpicking in my case. The amp is beautiful. It's also very thin, very fragile wood. Very easy to scratch or knock a hole in. I'm using it for rehearsal with my band, plenty of oomph for that and it has a real nice tone imo. In fact, I attached a reverb unit and used the Epi for my NYE gig. Crowded restaurant, diners sitting right in my face, lol. The amp did a bang-up job, got many compliments on the look and power (for its size). I highly recommend it, but be very careful if you transport it around much - it's fragile. I hope I can follow my own advice ...
  2. What an amp. Even more beautiful than I dared hope. Just stunning. It's products like these that make me love Epiphone. How does it sound? Nice. Not spectacular. Quite a bit of punchy natural breakup. Wind up my Casino, plug it in the 'dark' input, pull the 'boost' switch and the Century surprises me with the kick in the butt it provides. The clean inputs also sound nice. I've yet to listen to it with some reverb dialed in... And I bet a tube screamer might add something. It's definitely powerful enough to use in a solo/coffee house setting. That's what I do mostly, so I'll get a chance to try it 'live' soon. It doesn't even begin to touch the tone of a nice Fender tube amp, and it's nowhere near loud enough to use with a full rock band -- but it's great for practice, tiny shows, and maybe recording. And it is absolutely stunning. I can't wait to take it to a gig and bathe in the compliments. It looks that good. So glad I got this guy.
  3. What a peach! Lovely! Really dig the tailpiece.
  4. I've been gigging with a Lennon Inspired Casino for a while now. What has surprised me the most is just how FUN this guitar is to play. The light weight and perfect balance make it a pure joy, especially for a 46 year old dude at a 4-hour gig. It may not be the "best" guitar I've owned, but it's definitely the most fun. I'm thinking about putting a Bigsby on it. I love the look, it's improved tone on other guitars I've played, and I'd use it a bit too. Can anyone share their experience with this? Does the Bigsby make the Casino feel a lot heavier, etc.? How have you liked it, compared to the stock guitar? Thanks!
  5. I retired my Acoustasonic Jr when I bought a Fishman Loudbox. I love the sexy retro look of the Acoustasonic, but the Loudbox is a lot smaller, half the weight, twice the power and sounds way nicer with my setup.
  6. I love what you've done to the Sheraton! The white/cream touches look super classy, well done.
  7. I bought an EJ-200 Artist as a cheap guitar to play around the house, etc. and was stunned by the quality of the thing. It's no Martin, of course, but it's totally easy to play and has nice volume. I play it a lot, it's become one if my favorite instruments.
  8. Hi there, new to the forum, first post, etc. etc. Here's a quick photo of some of my Epiphones: My brand new IBJL Casino, my wifes LP Special II, a '95 Viola and an EJ-200. Not pictured: my Excellente acoustic.
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