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  1. Yeah. It has an L-00 body, with an early 40's to late 40's yellow script logo. As well as a Nick Lucas model crown on it. It is it's own thing.
  2. Will do. I was playing the guitar the other day, and it sounded kinda bad to be honest. Then I began thinking "Well how do I really know that this is a B-25 and not and Lg-1?" NOW I know. I did tons of google searchers and yes it confirms what I learned here. The seller is nice and he understood. It was an honest mistake. Only one problem....he apparently was selling the guitar for someone else. So he has to talk to that guy first. I do want a refund. The listing was for a 1965 B-25. Not an LG-1. I got this on reverb and they have a very good buyer protection program so I should be fine. At least I now also learned more about Gibson acoustics.
  3. Thank you! I am going to ask for a refund. It was sold to me as a B-25. I don't like the way it sounds either, not resonant, very direct sounding (if that makes sense).
  4. I noticed that the 1995 Blues king have a yellow old Gibson script as well as a crown on the headstock. Was there an actual year where the L-00 was produced with this headstock? Or was this something Gibson just did as it's own thing at the time?
  5. I recently bought a 1965 Gibson B-25 in Cherry Sunburst. Since then I have noticed that they made Lg-1's in 1965 in cherry sunburst as well. Is there a way to tell right away if my guitar is really a B-25? Or instead am LG-1? IS there a dead giveaway? No where on my acoustic does it say B-25. In the sound hole etc.... So I'm starting to get concerned that I could I have been sold an LG-1 since they also made them in cherry sunburst? I posted a pic of my guitar, it has a replaced bridge. The original was obviously plastic. Thanks
  6. Thanks for the info!!!
  7. Well truthfully I bought a 1965 B-25 in Cherry Sunburst. The owner had issues with the plastic bridge and it was replaced with a new rosewood bridge and bone saddle. So I'm looking forward to it.
  8. So from my research, the LG-2 became the B-25 in the early 60's. Did the B-25 stay the same? Same bracing etc.. I do know that the B-25 had the laminate sides and plastic bridge. Other than that what else? In 1965 what was the nut width on the guitar? Was it slimmer or did that start happening in the late 60s? Thanks
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