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  1. Agree. I see a dent or gouge on the upper part of the nut - possibly caused by an impact, which chipped off a bit of nitro.
  2. Great looking 12. Love Guild 12 strings - got a F-412 and quite a few others. Nice get. Congrats & enjoy! 😎 .
  3. Glad to see Krasi doing well. 😎 .
  4. Wonderful. Really enjoyed the music video - love the ambiance of the recording. Looking forward to the doc! 😎
  5. A number of years ago Gibson used really cheap plastic pins for a while - the mold halves didn't even line up. Below is a pic of one that came in my new J200 back in 2008. I got a nice bone set from Colosi and never looked back - and it sounded better to my ears. I've got guitars with plastic, bone and ebony pins. If the sound/tone is off, bridge pins are down near the bottom of my list of culprits - but, to my ears, sometimes a change in bridge pin material can make a difference in the sound. And surprising, sometimes plastic sounds best. Go figure.
  6. Congrats on playing ... And on you new 12-string! 😎
  7. SaWEET! Congrats & enjoy! 😎
  8. Yes, I've seen it plenty of times. Here's a pic of one of my LPs with no binding - you can see the top is shaped thicker down the middle, between the neck joint and the tail end. As has been pointed out, the normal size binding isn't deep enough to cover the exposed edge of the top.
  9. Headstock logo 1900- 1930s
  10. Just put up a good board across the wall over the line the hangers are on, then you just mount the hangers to the board. No plaster work. 😎 .
  11. For the distance you took the photo, it looks okay. I agree with Leonard McCoy - a higher resolution snapshot and one up-close on the seamline would help. But if you aren't seeing separation, it should be fine. With a bookmatch split, you get whatever is in the wood block - in your guitar a little bit of a light colored strip was on the edge that became the middle. Since it's a local shop, if you can't get past the appearance, ask for an exchange. This wouldn't concern me - I'd be more focused on the playability and the sound/tone.
  12. Yes, that really sets it off nice! 😎 .
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