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  1. It's been a while since I bought a guitar, not that I haven't been tempted. My wife tells me I'm out of storage room. Over the years I never really gave a thought about that aspect of growing a collection, but she's right - twenty six takes up a lot of space. Anyway, I can't resist posting some favorites - Acoustic 6 - 2008 J200 Acoustic 12 - 2007 Guild F412 Electric 6 - 2010 ES-359 Electric 12 - 2010 Ric 360/12 with a 12 saddle bridge
  2. Are you talking about the music or the talent? The Beatles now . . . no. But I’m thinking the four talents growing up in today’s environment would be able to produce successful material, while pushing the bar, somewhat like those four lads from all those years ago. Let’s not forget, John and George remained successful till their ends - Paul is still successfully putting out new material, and Ringo is . . . still Ringo. 😎
  3. Nice story. Gorgeous guitar. Congrats! 😎
  4. Gorgeous CS LP. Stunning burst and flame. Congrats. 😎
  5. Mr Gibs sounding fantastic. Very well done Krasi. 😎
  6. Really enjoyed this post. Happy to see good karma coming back to you. Gorgeous LP! Congrats. 😎 .
  7. @Olie - look a couple comments up^, JT posted. B) .
  8. The Big Hurt -
  9. Very nice find. Congrats. B) .
  10. I have a 2008 Robot. It has a similar problem. I manually tuned it to standard tuning and then saved that as an alt tuning. Still working great and just a coupla battery replacements. .
  11. Comparing it with my J200 STD, I agree with Joe. Chibson. .
  12. Pretty serious. Glad you bounced back and are playing again. 😎 .
  13. My condolences to you Tom. You two sure accomplished great things together - may you find comfort and peace in those. .
  14. For Martin, I’d pick my Sitka/Rosewood D-45. That pick makes me forsake my Adi/Rosewood AJ and choose my Sitka/Maple J-200 for a Gibson. .
  15. I’ve had a coupla “loud” Gibsons over the years. I used to think my J200 was a boomer. Then in 2013 I snag a Red Spruce AJ - with all the Limited Editions, adi hype Gibson’s ad boys could muster. Turned out to be true for my specimen. Powerful in volume, and the tone from the adi/rosewood box is really something. .
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