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  1. BigKahune


    Beautiful ‘bird! Congrats & enjoy. 😎 .
  2. @ALD323 Thank you. Seems like a sound and logical procedure. Did you read about it, or come up with it on your own? .
  3. A quick search yielded this - Gibson Custom Les Paul 1957 Reissue 1 Pickup with Wraparound Bridge It's no longer available, and no telling when the page originally appeared - but looks like the same R-7 If you look at the pics on the page you'll see the serial# is very similar. It might've been a MF exclusive. OVERVIEW A plain top, single pickup and simple bridge make this an unmuffled tone-machine The Gibson Custom Les Paul 1957 Reissue 1 Pickup with Wraparound Bridge may have a modest set of features, but the tone that it produces will inspire you to play better. There's something to be said for having just one pickup in the right position and a single volume and tone control at your disposal. With this 1957 Les Paul Reissue you're getting the most pure tone that its combination of mahogany and maple can produce. Now all of the tonal variations and sonic nuances are coming from your fingertips and your playing technique. No more switching between pickup configurations, nor tweaking tone-draining circuitry to modify your sound. It's down to you. Similar to driving a well-tuned old sportscar, you'll discover how to get the most from this unique guitar the more time you spend with it. With its comfortable, '50s-shaped neck, slightly reduced weight and well-balanced body, this humble Les Paul will lead you to new sonic territories as it under-promises, yet over-delivers. Did we mention that it also looks super cool? Includes case. FEATURES Mahogany back with plain maple top Creme body binding '57 Les Paul neck profile with rosewood fingerboard MOP trapezoid position markers Short tenon 24.75" scale, nylon nut Aged Acrylic inlays and cream binding Reissue bridge pickup with volume and tone Wraparound bridge and reissue tuning machines Nickel hardware Vintage switch tip and truss cover Includes case
  4. Around 2007 or so Gibson changed the pickgaurd material for the J-200 after many complaints about the design wearing off. They came up with a rubbery material that imbedded the design deep in the material. So the pick guard is thicker and very protective of the design, but now it’s prone to warping. I just press the guard back down when I take it out - it’s a 2009 and the guard still sticks down when pressed, but eventually it pops back up. You can find replacements online made of more traditional material that won’t warp, but the won’t have the Gibson graphic design. .
  5. Yes . To my ear it went from kind of muddy and a bit soft to crisp and clear. I've been on the forum for quite a whiie and it's not unusal to see some make this change. Of course there are also those that will pull the UST. Got a B-compensated bone saddle from Colosi and bone bridge pins to boot. I'm still happy with it.
  6. Very nice! Congrats Bence. 😎 .
  7. I bought a new J-200 some years ago that came with a tusk saddle on an Element, and plastic bridge pins. Yes, there’s the “tusk is made for electronics” thing, butI thought it was a bit muddy. I switched to a bone saddle and pins, left the Element in and was happy. Still the set up. 😎 .
  8. That's a nice looking Martin 16 you've got. And yep, that's a 2000 Martin J12-15 - a bit unusual. It's of course all hog - pretty mellow sound for a 12 string. Another unusual one is the big 1995 Gibson J-100 Xtra with hog back & sides. Lookin like it's big sister, the J-200 - the hog tones down the jangly highs. I hope (OP) Hall is taking this all in. Some good info on a topic that doesn't get much mention.
  9. Interesting. Love to get a look at the bracing and blocks on that one. 😎
  10. I like 12 strings. It might take a bit to get used to the string spacing, but a 12 with good action shouldn't be much harder to handle than a 6 in terms of getting clear notes and chords. If you can get to a shop with some 12 string stock give them a try. Guild - agree - yes . . . rosewood: F-512. Gibson's Songwriter Deluxe is underrated - very nice. I've got one (upper right in the pic) that has rosewood back & sides with ebony fingerboard and bridge.
  11. Chiming in time agree with a coupla other posts. For some time now, with “vintage” models and/or vintage reissues, Gibson Acoustic applies the serial number in the original vintage fashion - wherever that was: headstock, neckblock, or inside label. .
  12. Did anyone watch the video Slimt posted? “Probably a custom order”. I agree with Slimt - seems Gibson decided to reissue a 42 SoJo based on a custom order guitar. Pretty much fits Gibson’s M.O. 😎 .
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