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  1. I have a 2008 Robot. It has a similar problem. I manually tuned it to standard tuning and then saved that as an alt tuning. Still working great and just a coupla battery replacements. .
  2. Comparing it with my J200 STD, I agree with Joe. Chibson. .
  3. Pretty serious. Glad you bounced back and are playing again. 😎 .
  4. My condolences to you Tom. You two sure accomplished great things together - may you find comfort and peace in those. .
  5. For Martin, I’d pick my Sitka/Rosewood D-45. That pick makes me forsake my Adi/Rosewood AJ and choose my Sitka/Maple J-200 for a Gibson. .
  6. I’ve had a coupla “loud” Gibsons over the years. I used to think my J200 was a boomer. Then in 2013 I snag a Red Spruce AJ - with all the Limited Editions, adi hype Gibson’s ad boys could muster. Turned out to be true for my specimen. Powerful in volume, and the tone from the adi/rosewood box is really something. .
  7. Engraved or embossed/pressed into the surface. I’ve haven’t seen a Gibson logo applied like that before. .
  8. BigKahune


    Krasi I really enjoyed that one. Beautiful composition and the accompanying video is great. Congrats on a superb job. B) .
  9. Strange Bird indeed. Quite an amalgam of features. .
  10. You don’t need to snail mail. Just keep the receipt. Or - Use the WEBSITE. https://www.gibson.com/Support/Warranty-Registration .
  11. You might want to consider the size of the guitar. There are some folks that find the size of the J-200 uncomfortable to play. There are some other options that are downsized. For example: J-200 Junior, or J-200 Parlor. Good luck in your search. .
  12. Good place to start - pull the saddle and check the flatness of the bottom. Look for debris in the slot or a shim. .
  13. Very nice. Liking the grain beauty of the top sans pick guard. Congrats. B) .
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