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  1. I've had bad damage to 4 of my nitro guitars (2 gibsons) from sitting on stands[angry] - I've been told that a chemical from the stands burned right thru the finish. Who does the VERY BEST repair work in the USA ??? BTW - Gibson has 6 month backlog I'm told.
  2. There are also .022 caps (original) wired in there on each pot
  3. 2 amps -- Fender Blues Jr (heavily modded) and '67 Bandmaster
  4. Actually, I would describe it as more of a "wooly" tone if that makes sense ... 250K CTS pots are in there UA
  5. Bought one of these last January and am lovin' it. Had one in high school (almost 40 yrs ago) and now remember what a truly simple but fine player it is. Anyway, recently replaced the pickups with Fralin P-90's (and the pots as well), but the tone is still a bit too "muddy" for my taste. :D Any suggestions from techs/modders out there on how to help it's "definition" ?? Thanks in advance. UA
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