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  1. Would have to be my Fuller's 1939 J-35 Reissue and my Fuller's Historic Collection AJ.
  2. Very sad to hear, I always wanted to get a hold of him and do a little picking together as he only lived about 49 miles from me in Belle Fourche, S.D.
  3. I have a Fullers Vintage Advanced Jumbo with an adi top. A great guitar, can be finger picked softly or strummed loudly.
  4. I don't think it is super critical on the thickness of the bridge by a few 1/100". I bet they all vary a bit. '
  5. Dan, on my J-200 Standard the bridge thickness is .360" or 5/16" give or take. Paul
  6. Love the sound of your J-35, I also have a Fullers Vintage 1939 J-35 and a Fullers Vintage Advanced Jumbo. Both guitars I'll never get rid of.
  7. I haven't bought a new Gibson in a few years , the last one I bought was a J-200 Standard and it was perfect for me right out of the box. Medium low action, right relief, everything perfect for the way I play. Other Gibson's I bought new had to be set up for the way I like. That has happened to every Martin I owned also.I hoped that has helped.
  8. You know how it goes, sound is subjective. What you may think is dull and lifeless I may think it's dry and has that thunk sound that I interpret to be the perfect Gibson sound. Gibson puts out a quality guitar, it has it's specific sound that no other mass produced guitar has. The same goes for Martin, Taylor, and other brands. There are so many variables in how a guitar sounds, i.e. strings , set up, humidity, ect. Keep on looking , you'll find what your after, it just takes time.
  9. Been using the Retro lights on my 1939 J 35 reissue for the last year and love them on it. Martin makes a Bluegrass set .013/.056 in the Retro's , you could make up a set from them and lights.
  10. Once a month I play guitar with a bunch of old pickers who ages range from the 60's into the 90's at a retirement home in Sturgis, SD. While we were playing a FedEx delivery man came in to make a delivery. After he dropped off the package he was watching us play. In between a song he walked up to one of the mikes and said " Hello I'm Johnny Cash " and started singing Folsom Prison Blues. This guy was awesome. After he was finished he just waved and wished everyone a Happy Thanksgiving and walked out of the building. No one knew who this guy was but he made everyone of the residences happy. Jus
  11. For my Fuller's 1939 J-35 Reissue, which has a large neck, I've been using a Shubb 12 string capo. Seems to work fine for me. Hope this helps.
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