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  1. Would have to be my Fuller's 1939 J-35 Reissue and my Fuller's Historic Collection AJ.
  2. Very sad to hear, I always wanted to get a hold of him and do a little picking together as he only lived about 49 miles from me in Belle Fourche, S.D.
  3. I have a Fullers Vintage Advanced Jumbo with an adi top. A great guitar, can be finger picked softly or strummed loudly.
  4. I don't think it is super critical on the thickness of the bridge by a few 1/100". I bet they all vary a bit. '
  5. Dan, on my J-200 Standard the bridge thickness is .360" or 5/16" give or take. Paul
  6. Love the sound of your J-35, I also have a Fullers Vintage 1939 J-35 and a Fullers Vintage Advanced Jumbo. Both guitars I'll never get rid of.
  7. I haven't bought a new Gibson in a few years , the last one I bought was a J-200 Standard and it was perfect for me right out of the box. Medium low action, right relief, everything perfect for the way I play. Other Gibson's I bought new had to be set up for the way I like. That has happened to every Martin I owned also.I hoped that has helped.
  8. You know how it goes, sound is subjective. What you may think is dull and lifeless I may think it's dry and has that thunk sound that I interpret to be the perfect Gibson sound. Gibson puts out a quality guitar, it has it's specific sound that no other mass produced guitar has. The same goes for Martin, Taylor, and other brands. There are so many variables in how a guitar sounds, i.e. strings , set up, humidity, ect. Keep on looking , you'll find what your after, it just takes time.
  9. Been using the Retro lights on my 1939 J 35 reissue for the last year and love them on it. Martin makes a Bluegrass set .013/.056 in the Retro's , you could make up a set from them and lights.
  10. Once a month I play guitar with a bunch of old pickers who ages range from the 60's into the 90's at a retirement home in Sturgis, SD. While we were playing a FedEx delivery man came in to make a delivery. After he dropped off the package he was watching us play. In between a song he walked up to one of the mikes and said " Hello I'm Johnny Cash " and started singing Folsom Prison Blues. This guy was awesome. After he was finished he just waved and wished everyone a Happy Thanksgiving and walked out of the building. No one knew who this guy was but he made everyone of the residences happy. Just had to share, thanks.
  11. For my Fuller's 1939 J-35 Reissue, which has a large neck, I've been using a Shubb 12 string capo. Seems to work fine for me. Hope this helps.
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