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  1. RARE, LQQK, ... I'll pass on faux relic "art", thank you very much.
  2. If I had to choose, I'd go for the reissue. If I were in the market for another "vintage" Gibson, I'd aim for somewhere in the 1989-1992 range myself. I've bought 5 used guitars (two SG's... 1976 and 1980) and have been very happy with all of them.
  3. Thanks... Pup Tentacle hmmmmm. A guy who lived down the street from me growing up was FZ's cousin. He literally slept in Zappa's (hand-me-down) crib... I think it changed his conceptual continuity for sure hahaha.
  4. Greetings everyone. I've been a forum lurker in the past and decided to introduce myself. I started fiddling with my older sister's Aria acoustic guitar in the mid-1970's. Bought my first electric guitar (Hondo II Les Paul copy and a Peavey Special amp) in 1978. Played that sucker quite a lot for ~3 years and then started looking for something a bit nicer. Decided on purchasing an 1976 SG Standard (used) back in 1979. The original owner hot rodded it a bit with DiMarzio pickups and also added a coil tap. It was decked out with some nice Grover tuners too. A couple of years later, I learned that a buddy of mine purchased an 1980 SG-R1 new and I thought it was quite cool. The sound you could get out of it got a nice boost from the somewhat odd Moog board installed in it (powered by an on-board 9v battery). Sort of sounded more Strat-like when the "active electronics" were kicked on. It was heavier and the body was less contoured and thicker than my SG. The neck was less round and fretboard was a bit wider which also seemed more comfortable. Never could get that one out of my head lol I stuck with my SG Standard and played it on and off for 25 years before selling it to a luthier in CA who redid it completely for a big name musician. Around the same time I acquired a pristine 1980 SG-R1 which I still own and play. (I also have an Ovation travel guitar and classical acoustic that I fiddle with as well).
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