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  1. Does anybody have a spare or know where I can get one? Thanks in advance.
  2. I think she has pent-up sexual desires for us and this is her way of getting our attention.
  3. The L4CES traditionally came with an ebony fingerboard. Has Gibson changed this? That one looks like rosewood. Being partial to the L4CES I must say I prefer the sound of the ES-335 Custom - much richer. Same pickups?
  4. I think her needle is stuck, needle is stuck . . .
  5. Looks real to me and to be honest, MOP is not very expensive. The only model that comes to mind having Gibson advertise the inlays as Acrylic is the Chet Atkins L-10. Curious what you find out.
  6. Sleeko

    New vs Old

    I don't blame you for sending them back Ronny. They look awful. All I can think of is Don Ho's Tiny Bubbles :blink: . . .
  7. Thank you Bobouz, appreciate that. Have a pic or more to share?
  8. Thank you Parabar. The Guild is very comfortable to play. Generously deep cutaway, 16" lower bout snugs right into place, made in Corona. Surprisingly loud unplugged, all laminated maple though the Emperor has that acoustic zing when plugged in. The guild has a brighter tone plugged in. Workmanship on the Guild is perfect. Everything lines up, inlays are set perfect, finish (poly) is flawless. It has that early '40s Epiphone look to the sunburst and the shape of the f holes is the prettiest of the bunch. Pure elegance. Although Guilds least expensive model, it certainly never reminds you of that fact.
  9. How cool and thank you for the effort! Here's my current lineup.
  10. Wonderful story. We have similar tastes in guitars. I remember looking through guitar catalogs in the late '90's trying to decide on a model. Liked the Epiphone, Washburn, Cort and Aria. I remember the Emperor was my first choice but the first thing I planned to do was change out the Frequensator as I thought it looked odd. I later saw a video of someone playing an Emperor and noticed when in the playing position, the Frequensator looked rather neat. Sort of like two trains racing across the guitar top with one slightly ahead of the other. I liked the look from there on. I noticed you didn't change out the one on your Elitist Broadway and am curious if you plan on changing it out in the future? Also was curious how the D'Angelico compared to your Epi's. You have an Emperor as well no? A group shot of all of them would be the icing on the cake. LoL. Best of luck with the new addition!
  11. I'm no prize but he looks like an un-made bed. Nice looking guitars though. Agree about the distortion, ouch!
  12. Nice, looks like one of each type. How do they compare?
  13. Let's see some pics of this beauty.
  14. That's funny right there. Looks like a hairpiece for Epi's
  15. Fortunately I love the Epiphone Tree of Life headstock. Goes back a long way and has a lot of history behind it. I understand what you say completely though as one headstock I've never warmed up to is the one found on the Heritage guitars.
  16. Well they certainly look beautiful.
  17. Nice guitar. You might get more response over on the Epiphone forum. Good luck.
  18. Nope not a modder here. I buy them because I like them so I have no desire to change them.
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