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  1. Most people on the fender forums spell squier as squire and it drives me crazy.
  2. thats a really good trade. but why on earth would you want to get rid of the best guitar on earth....................... a strat!
  3. thats awesome. i want one. probably to expensive though.
  4. lol.... didnt you just post this a few hours ago in the fender forums?
  5. bump.... i cant let this thread die!
  6. hey yall im back ................................. again. i see this thread kinda died and was taken over by the song association game. =( well im back for a while. whats new?
  7. hey guys just dropping in to say hi. ive been pretty busy so i havcnt been able to get on alot lately. since its summer i might be on every now and then. see yall around.
  8. its all good in p-cola. ya i saw how big is got.:-/
  9. for me it all depends on the song. l ike to play it both ways.
  10. standard gibson. gibson all the way it is worth it in the long run.
  11. no. we are doing projects on the computer.
  12. like. my dad got me into it.
  13. Tanner1994


    sup guys i finally am able to get on the forums at school. =)
  14. btw dem00n love the avatar it's really sexy................. isnt that guitar gorgeouse.
  15. hey guys whats up? man i havnt been on in a few months. been really busy. it seems that there are alot of new people. it has gotten pretty packed here since i left. nice to be back.
  16. it aint over til it's over-lenny kravitz
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