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  1. Let me try this again... Here's the pics
  2. Nope no news but I did pick up a new LP Std cherry burst. I'm dropping the new Lindy Fralin Pure PAF's in it next week. Here she is
  3. Man I haven't been on this forum for a long while. Good to be back!
  4. I have both. They do not sound the same. They do not play the same. The neck of my traditional is very comfortable and the neck of my 2008 standard is a little odd. It's thicker behind the top of the fretboard and thinner on the bottom. The traditional sounds more hollow and a little, less lower mids, harsher highs, tighter. The standard is looser, more lower mids & bass, smoother highs. I have to be honest and say that the traditional is just as good but I think I like the standard a little better. First because of the tone, second because of the pickups, third because of the locking
  5. I want to hear some Les Paul action! This is the Gibson forum so it should be flooded with great Gibson sounds don't you think? Post them if you got them. I'll post soon too, even though I'm lazy :- I'll try to put up a few jam tracks.
  6. Thanks for the feedback. It was both. The first two licks were Gibson 57 Classics bridge then neck, then it was Dimarzio PAF 36th bridge then neck.
  7. I had one for several months. The clean channel is great, very satisfying to play. The crunch channel is neat to. I didn't care a whole lot for the distortion channel. Overall it's a great amp. USA made, 5/50 watt switch, 4 channels with independent EQs, etc... Great for the money except they sounded a little thin to me. At the time I was a pure strat player. I like an amp that sounds great with single coils and humbuckers. I like Mesa amps. I think they're very well made and sound great. They're just not my style. I do use a Mesa 2x12 cab that I've had for a couple of years. I love it
  8. I would buy a Studio over any Epiphone Les Paul. I've compared them extensively, determined to prove Epiphones were just as good. In the end, nothing came close to a Les Paul Standard - not until the Traditionals came out. LP Studios are good but I think their price point is too high. Why buy a new LP Studio for $1200 when you can get on Ebay and get a mint LP Standard for $1500? I think that's the reason they get a bad rep. I put Studios kind of in the same camp as Les Paul Classics. They weigh about the same, the only difference is the pickups and biding and a couple of other nuances
  9. Man counterfeitism is rampant in China. They're getting away with murder. You can get a knock-off of everything there. Software, etc... I used to manage a computer store and this guy from China comes in wanting to buy Microsoft Office. I told him the price and he said "Na, I'll wait until I get back to China. You can get them anywhere for $5." I said "Good then, go back to China then." Where the heck are the sanctions?
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