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  1. Folks, Here is an Update on the Epiphone Guitars & Amps that I am using. There is the Epiphone SG G-400 in Worn Cherry and My Laney Cub 12-R Electric Valve Amp. And My Epiphone AJ-220S Acoustic Jumbo in Vintage Sunburst and Laney LA20C Acoustic Amp. I am also using the Seymour Duncan Woody XL Hum Cancelling Stack Acoustic Soundhole Pickup. Here are My 2 Epiphones side-by-side: John Lee here is still Offering Guitar Lessons in Singapore(SG) and Skype Guitar Lessons Worldwide. Here is My Studio Premises that I Made out of My Bomb Shelter: Please Follow Me on the Social Media on My Website if You Folks like what I have been doing. You can hear My Original Compositions on SoundCloud & Vimeo & See My Pictures on Instagram. Here is My SoundCloud Link: And here is My Vimeo Link: https://vimeo.com/guitarlessonssingapore Here is My Personal Profile as a Guitar Instructor: http://network.online.berklee.edu/profile/36930656 Till the next time Folks! Do have a Great Weekend ahead! John Lee, John Lee Music Instruction. http://www.johnleemusicinstruction.weebly.com
  2. Thanks for sharing and for the warm reception folks! I just wanted to update that I have changed the Humbucker Covers on my Les Paul from the Stock Nickel to Chrome. Using this Brand called "Tone Drive" from Korea. It cost me only about US$8 for a pair. Actually brought my Guitar down to the Shop selling the Covers just to make sure that I got the right fit. I wanted to buy Gibson Covers initially, but they were out of stock locally. The problem with the Stock Nickel Covers was that they kept tarnishing here in Singapore's humid weather. Even though I always keep my Guitar in it's Bag in a closet with drying agent. The tarnishes were a pain to remove, and they came back real soon after every clean-up:( I will be doing the same to my G-400, after making sure that the new Chrome Covers on the Les Paul are as good as they look:)
  3. It's really nice to find an Epiphone corner here on the Gibson Guitar Board:) I own 2 Epiphone Electrics. A Les Paul Standard in Pelham Blue, and a G-400 in Worn Cherry. Here they are: https://www.instagram.com/p/BVFRqCAjFV7/?taken-by=johnleemusicinstruction I have replaced the stock chrome machine heads on the G-400 with Grover green keys for a more vintage look. I especially love the powerful warm crunch and sustain from the Les Paul through my Valve Amps. Both Guitars offer great value and quality for my money. Thanks much Epiphone!:) John.
  4. Hi everyone, This is John Lee from Singapore. It's great to be here:) I am 48 years of age and work as a Private Guitar & Ukulele Instructor. I enjoy listening to Blues & Rock, and love playing the 12-Bar Blues. My Music Influences are B.B. King, Buddy Guy, Albert King, Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton, John Mellencamp, AC/DC, The Scorpions, Gary Moore, Def Leppard, Guns N' Roses, and Creed. I'm currently using the Gibson Les Paul Studio '50s Tribute with Humbuckers in Satin Vintage Sunburst, and playing it through a Marshall DSL5C Valve. Here it is: I have installed chrome pickup covers over the stock open coil humbuckers to keep out the dust. Great warm natural crunch tones and sustain on the Bridge Humbuckers! There's no substitute for the Gibson Tone, thanks much Gibson!:)
  5. Blues Guitar lesson and a Tribute to the late B.B. King: The "B.B. Box": https://instagram.com/p/32peAtGkAb/?taken-by=johnleemusicinstruction Do have a great weekend folks. John.
  6. Folks, Here is my Transcription to "Alive" by Pearl Jam: https://instagram.com/p/y3aU8QGkMS/?taken-by=guitarlessonssingapore Hope you all enjoyed riffin' it as much as I did:) John Lee, www.johnleemusicinstruction.com
  7. Hi all, Here is my Transcription for the Intro to "Back In Black" by AC/DC: http://instagram.com/p/xwSMkymkD3/?modal=true Happy playing, and "For those about to Rock, we salute you!":) John, www.johnleemusicinstruction.com
  8. Hi all, Here is my Arrangement of this long-standing Christmas Carol: http://youtu.be/TVLiQLJLqaU?list=UU9B-0pIvfNl4UQoHIyhO_xg Seasons Greetings!: http://instagram.com/p/wArr6WGkK0/?modal=true John Lee.
  9. Hi folks, Here's a quick Review on Triad Inversions: http://instagram.com/p/sGtuyUmkE8/?modal=true Happy playing, and do have a great Week ahead! John, www.johnleemusicinstruction.com
  10. Hi folks, Here's a great lesson on the Blues Classic "Born Under A Bad Sign" from Albert King: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VDeXb1K-8gA&list=PLP6_QLa5LhDrrpZUS57PA20qaWJ37HtyI&feature=share&index=24 Happy playing:) John Lee.
  11. Hi folks, here is a Recording I just did on "Slow Blues Shuffle in A" : https://soundcloud.com/guitarlessonssingapore/blues-shuffle-in-a John Lee, www.guitarlessonssingapore.weebly.com
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