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  1. It's NOT notrocellulose, so you have nothing to worry about. The finish is some sort of urethane or polyester, non-reactive to latex.
  2. If I recall correctly, the original Gibson 335s had identical (including pole spacing) pickups at both positions, and they remained that way for many years. Only later did they get more specifoc. Just info to consider. Personally, I'm believing more and more that pickups don't make all that much difference. YMMV
  3. The light weight is also good for us old guys with aching backs. The LPVE weighs less than my Casino Coupe! I always sorta wanted a Les Paul, but the weight was a dealbreaker. Using Poplar for the body is brilliant. Also, the LPVE is made just as well as the Casino, despite its low price. Hats off to the Indonesian plant.
  4. The "custom shop" designation is meaningless. Both jacks on my Epi hollow bodies came loose, not at all uncommon. Long-thread jack: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Switchcraft-1-4-Guitar-LONG-theaded-Input-Output-Jack/111476550722?hash=item19f4852c42:g:hb0AAOSw3gJZH48W:sc:USPSFirstClass!97333!US!-1&frcectupt=true
  5. I like your yellow Subaru guitar. I hope yours was put together better than the four defective ones I returned.
  6. New Epiphone LP Special II VE in cherry sunburst. Little back story first: I was gassing for a $150-ish Ibanez GAX30 doublecut in mustard yellow, and this is how it went: Guitar #1 (Reverb.com) - Crack in corner of neck pocket. May have been finish crack, but sent back for refund. Guitar #2 (Sweetwater) - Also had a crack in the neck pocket, plus bad discoloration on the face of the headstock. They offered me a measly $20 to keep it. Returned for refund. Interestingly, they relisted the guitar as a demo at $25 less. Guitar #3 (MF) - White ones on-sale for $129, a good deal. ALmost acceptable, except for bottomed-out bridge with action still too high. Guitar #4 (MF replacement) - Same bridge/action problem, plus discolored headstock like #2. Returned. All 4 had sharp fret ends, sloppy neck binding, and needed cleaning. So.......I gave up on Ibanez and ordered my 3rd Epi from AMS, who offered free 2-day shipping. This guitar is absolutely flawless, right out of the box. One-piece poplar body, good fit/finish, smooth fret ends, immaculately clean, light as a feather. Ready to play, really. Honestly, all I need to do is install new strings and do a minor setup. All this for $149!!! Yay Epiphone! No pic, can't remember my photobucket logon.
  7. I had a similar dilemma as my XP machine lost MS support. The machine was getting pretty long in the tooth, tech-wise. My solution was Chromebooks. My wife and I have been absolutely thrilled with these things. They boot in seconds, update in seconds. They fully utilize thin client and cloud computing, sharing/synching resources with our Android devices. Each of our Chromebooks cost less than $150. I recommend you look into these, assuming you have WiFi. Also, there are some new Windows 10 laptops starting at $200 that look quite nice.
  8. Tah-dah! It was a slow process, especially due to not having real nut files.
  9. The height of that nut is actually a bit shorter than the Tusq xx-6060. So it's also too short for my 2016 Casino Coupe. I'm nearly finished with another Tusq nut ( http://www.graphtech.com/products/brands/black-tusq-xl/product-detail/pt-4061-00-black-tusq-xl-epihone-style-nut-blank?id=653cecd7-d0a1-4b1f-8975-88b7219a56d9 ) that's a partial blank. It requires substantially more work than the nearly drop-in ones, but it's an interesting (and painstaking) challenge. I hope to be done tomorrow. If Graph-Tech would just add a model that's the same as the xx-6060 only taller, it looks to me that would be good for Epiphone owners and techs.
  10. Close but no cigar. The xx-6060 is not tall enough. Considering my options.
  11. That's pretty much what I was asking. The GraphTech website makes the "won't fit" statement without any further explanation. I just received a GraphTech Nubone 6060, and it looks like it's going to work. I haven't removed the original but the new one looks right - may have to sand it a little thinner to fit in the slot. The length and string spacing look perfect. It looks a bit tall, but that's as it should be. I'll try to install it in the next couple days, and report back. FYI, the original nut was high on the bass side, and I filed the A slot a little too much. If the GraphTech nut fits, I'll be glad to be rid of the plastic.
  12. According to Graphtech's website, the xx-6060-xx series nuts don't work on models made after 2014. They only offer a blank as a substitute. Anyone familiar with this? I really don't have the skills to fabricate a nut from scratch. Anyone know of a pre-slotted replacement that works?
  13. I don't have a schematic to point you to but I can tell you a few things to look for. The pre-amp on most a/e guitars has two wire connections, one to the endpin jack, one from the undersaddle pickup. See that those connections are solid. You'll probably have to unscrew the endpin jack and extract it through the sound hole in order to see the connections.
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