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  1. So want one of the new Modern Doublecuts but not at the current, custom shop price. Maybe a Nashville version? Goldtop, ebony or cherryburst.
  2. Never too many threads about LPJs. My LPJs - 2010 satin white LPJ and 2009 satin cherry Jr Special.
  3. ... but don't you also set the treble side a little higher than the bass side? I do.
  4. Yes, my 2024 has the Super Classic '57s AND the active boost switch! Beast!
  5. Man, I so want one! Hope they do a Nashville version at a cheaper price.
  6. Yes, my last purchase was a 2010 LPJ satin white. P.S. Man you have a serious addiction there. I thought I was a guitar junkie!
  7. Well, we can only guess how much it is worth, but my advice would be... don't dare play it! And I hope guitar values keep going up.
  8. Just check the Gibson website like anyone else would do... http://www.gibson.com/Products/Electric-Guitars.aspx There are very detailed specs listed, and the Trad is very different to the Std. Well as different as one LP can be to another LP. Changing the truss rod cover doesn't account for the differences in neck shape, neck profile, weight relief, pups, tuners, level of flame, etc, etc, etc.
  9. Ess


    Yes, great choice! I'm very much a 'show the wood' kind of guy. Solid colours often have that Tupperware vibe - could almost be made of plastic and you would be non the wiser.
  10. Ess

    Family Photo

    Yup, she's a beauty. Wanted a Les Paul that was a bit different.
  11. Haha... that's what I said when I got my first Gibson. I like the Tributes. Have half a mind to replace my 2016 with a 2017 HP. Quite taken by the chrome-on-gold top look and much prefer the slim neck.
  12. Ess

    Family Photo

    Thx. Ya, the red DC started my addiction.
  13. Ess

    Family Photo

    Thx. The wine red is actually a Classic. 2014 model with the boost switch instead of a tone knob. The flamed cherryburst is a standard.
  14. Ess

    Family Photo

    Got the gang together so couldn't resist a family photo Just got the white Jr to complete the family.
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