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  1. That's exactly my problem. I'm leaning towards doing it or having it done for me. Has anyone here ever have any difficulty installing a new nut? I've looked at the instruction videos and it doesn't look too difficult.
  2. Thanks. Sometimes the acronyms can be confusing.
  3. Thanks for the advice. Much appreciated. Forgive my ignorance, but what's a TRC? Thanks!
  4. Nice looking guitar! I got a 2013 in December and really like it. The only changes Ii made so far is adding strap locks. I'm also conidering replacing the nut with a bone or Tusq nut. That's still up for debate though. Congrats on the purchase. Which colo is that?
  5. Two reasons: 1) the high E is a little too close to the edge and I have a tendency to flip it over at times. It seems like it was cut too close to the edge when comparing it to my other guitars. 2) I've read and heard that you can get better harmonics and sustain with a bone or Tusq nut. It's just something I'm considering. That's why ai thought I'd consult some of the experts here. Thanks for the response.
  6. I recently purchsed a new 2013 Les Paul Standard before they ran out of the Desert Burst model at the stores. I was thinking about switching out the nut for a bone or Tusq nut. Anyone have any thoughts on this? Thanks to all.
  7. Here's a photo. I used the same one for my avatar. I'll change it and post a better pic once I have more time. This was taken with my Iphone. This is the new Les Paul that I got a few weeks ago and then used Sam Ash's 60 day price guarantee to bring it in for under 2K. With the 2014's coming out, the 2013's prices dropped dramatically. I really like the look of the guitar even though it's only an AA top. I actually prefer the simplicity of it to the busier flamed or quilt designs. To each his own I guess.
  8. Sorry bout that Cap. I'm having a hard time uploading from my IPad. I'll try soon again from my wife's PC
  9. That's a good point to ponder Andy. Maybe I'll check out a set of 10's after the 9's lose their zing. I do like the fluidity of the 9's, but you do lose a bit of bottom.
  10. I purchased a new 2013 Les Paul standard at Sam Ash a few weeks ago. Had a nice surprise a couple days ago when after the price drop with the 2014's coming out, the store refunded over $500.00 on their 60 day price guarantee. I put some new strings on the guitar today and I have to say that I love them. They are Gibson's Vintage Reissue strings in the 9-11-16-24-32-42 gauges. The strings are great with this guitar. I like them better than both the Ernie Ball's and Elixers. I'd recommend anyone to try them out. BTW, I love the guitar!
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