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  1. Pretty happy with my new Blackstar HT-5R combo! I own a Marshall to! I have the best of both worlds! \:D/
  2. That's a great amp! I bet it sounds amazing! Looks great man! Rock on!!!
  3. My little Gibson's have a new friend! They seem to be getting along great!
  4. Done deal for my amp! Ended up with Blackstar HT-5R for a smoking deal! So I pulled the trigger. And let me say this, it's amazing and the tones are incredible! I played a (Ibanez) and was sold how great the crunch was. The Ibanez was really surprising on how it felt in my hands. I really liked it. But only left with a amp. The cleans were even better at medium to high volumes. And it compliments my Gibson Les Paul's! The ISF knob works awesome to if you want UK or USA tones. I would like to thank everyone for helping me out on my search. You people here are the best! Thank you again!
  5. Opps! Sorry for the double post!!!!
  6. I've narrowed down my search to 3 amps as I have them listed: 1. http://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/DSL15C/ 2. http://www.guitarcenter.com/Blackstar-Venue-Series-HT-Club-40-40W-Tube-Guitar-Combo-Amp-107220899-i1521959.gc 3. http://www.laney.co.uk/products/product_details/158 Those be the three I like very much! What one would you get and why? If you like something else link it for me. Thanks everyone! Happy New Year!
  7. Planning on getting SG soon! Maybe April of 2014! I wonder what Blackstar they are raving about?
  8. I'm also looking at this amp to the Laney Tony Iommi TI15-112 Signature! It's pretty mean amp! Had some great reviews online! We all know Tony Iommi can play!
  9. The DSL15C is a bad mofo amp! I haven't had a chance to riff on it yet. But I did riff on the 40 watt version of it. It's a beast! I live in a house so I can loud or keep it tame. I only play it loud only when I'm with my friends. In the meantime I'll just keep practicing on my new Peavey Vypyr VIP 1! The little Peavey Vypyr VIP 1 amp has some bite. But it's not a tube amp and doesn't sound half as good as a Marshall tube amp. Thanks for the information! :)
  10. I'm leaning towards the Marshall DSL C15 or C40! Both have what I want and need! I tried out the amp (C40) out last night and it was amazing sounding! The 15C is out the door $600! The 40C is out the door $700! Not a bad deal for a crisp clean or a crunchy/dirty sound!
  11. Thanks for the great insight! I'm talking Rock n Roll and maybe a little metal head stuff. I want to be able to riff some AC/DC, Kiss, G&R and some Led Zeppelin just to name a few! I'm search of a good amount of sound with some great tone for my garage and my friends studio. I'm not going on tour anytime soon either. Just love to play and talk the history of rock with my family, friends and especially my daughter. Thanks again everyone!
  12. I just saw a YouTube video where this one guy had the valve and solid state Marshall amps running with cabinets. So could I do this with either the Marshall or VOX?
  13. I'm a heavy metal guy with some classic rock. But blues is another thing I love as well. I love all types of music! Right now I'm leaning towards the Marshall DSL15C. What's really nice is that both can be hooked up to a cabinet if I do that in the future. Is that what combo means?
  14. I'm looking at the Vox AC15 Custom tube or the new Marshall DSL15C 1x12" 15-Watt 2-Channel Tube! Both sound amazing! Which does one go for? I don't play in gigs anymore! I just riff with buddies and have fun. But the Solid states are just not tube amps! But the sound of a tube is way rich and just beautiful to any solid state amp.
  15. Hi there. What amps are some of you using? Tube or solid state? I'm in the market of getting me a new amp. Currently I practice on a Peavey Vypyr VIP 1 20W combo! I like it but want something different likely tube! So I was just wondering what you guy's use for practice and gigs? Thanks guys!
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