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  1. what about ur ground connection? it's rock solid? that's important to get a low noise current flux.
  2. Hi guys, how are u? think ure fine. Look, i've some problems with Traktor and native traktor preset @ DaRouter, with a-b preset i found that some LED's isn't working synced with Traktor, like effect ones and some specific lights, and well, when i'd try remap the out with traktor it simply doesn't work. Can anyone just help me to get Traktor 2.6 and scs3d to work without the need of being a programmer? cuz i just buy these ones and cuz of the lack of info in the net and the difficult in the interfase get me on trouble, in other way it's a good way to learn So, can anyone helps me? i found that some map in on traktor get different map out, and dont in other cases got some in and out and simply doesn't work. There are any finish preset for traktor 2.6? or there are only beta-users compilants? If there any of these betas, could anyone give me a link or somewhat to get involve? there are great stuff and want to use @ full, now i get it owrking as generic dual midi and works amazing, with these limitations and the async with traktor.
  3. The same for 2 decks? how can i separate two decks to make it different for software?
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