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  1. I've played LPs since 76, among others. I finally bought an SG Standard in 2013. My LP has been in its' case ever since. Same reasons as the rest, lightness, upper access, slightly wider fret board which is great for soloing for me. Since then I've purchased a Firebird and a Midtown Custom. I play them a little but the SG is my go to axe. I recently auditioned for a group and brought the SG. It was very well received. I love the comment that SG owners are busy playing their guitars while LP owners are busy polishing. I will say this about pros using LPs instead of SGs, I recently saw Tedeschi Trucks and Derek was using an SG standard non batwing like mine. I was surprised to see he wasn't using his signature model. Jim
  2. Hi Bence, It does sound just like an LP when plugged in and with high gain. Clean sounds a little thinner or airy but very nice. Unplugged it does project more than an LP but who really cares about that. But that is when I notice the most difference. Upper reg access is as good as my Firebird which is better than my LP which is good because I don't have large hands and that LP heel is a bit of an issue for me. Jim
  3. Hey all, I've been watching these Midtown Customs ever since Duane V picked one up a little while back. I was looking at the 339s but used Midtowns are all over ebay at fairly decent prices, a few hundred bucks below what they go for now. After watching for a few months I decided to bite on one of the cherry sunbursts in "like new" condition. They didn't make the cherry SB during the last run in 2014 so mine is a 2012. I was a little hesitant about the Richlite since I hadn't tried it yet but I don't notice the difference while playing. I can feel the difference just touching it but what does that matter. The sound of the guitar is like an airy LP but still with plenty of sustain. It does not project hardly at all compared to my 339 Epi Pro. I also have to say that this is the first time that I've purchased a guitar online that came with the intonation set near perfect. I usually purchase online as I live out in the boonies. So that was a bonus. So far I'm very pleased.
  4. Sweet axe dleake! Congratulations. 2013 all the way.....
  5. Hey crush01, I have both, a 2013 SG standard and a 2013 Firebird and the SG is smaller, lighter, shorter, and has slightly better upper register access. I also play the same type of music. Love the bird but if I had to choose I'd keep the SG. Good luck. Jim.
  6. What year is it? If it's fairly new you could try to swap the two pups positions as they are both slightly different models, 495R and 495T. Jim
  7. The only problem I have with a guitar like that is you shouldn't play it. Now you have to buy another one you can play. Jim
  8. Hey crush01, I would have to agree with Paul. I also have both, a 2013 SG standard and a 2013 Firebird and the SG is smaller, lighter, shorter, and has slightly better upper register access. If I had to choose I'd keep the SG. Good luck. Jim.
  9. Ahh! Now I know why it's chrome.....it's a Midtown. And I thought it was a 359. Half the price but still pretty nice!
  10. Duane did you ever change out the hardware? Personally I would leave the chrome since I like it better than gold. I've been looking around for one of these in chrome but everything on ebay is gold. Seems chrome is pretty rare with this model. You might want to reconsider. Either way they are really nice spiffed up versions of the 339s. You got a great deal. It's a beautiful guitar. Have fun, Jim
  11. "I didn't buy this Firebird as I already own a 2013 V which is a really good guitar" The only guitar that I own that has sharp fret ends is a $100 Squire mini strat. But I would expect that from a $100 guitar, not a $2000 Gibson. I also have Squire mini with nicely finished fret ends. Go figure. Someday Gibson will smarten back up and when they do I'll buy new again but that day is not here. 2013 all the way.........
  12. Thanks MLee. Yeah I realize that the bridge pup will always sound thinner. I meant it sounds thinner than say my SG or LP. I'm wondering if putting a 495R(neck pup)in the bridge would help fatten it up a bit. I'll probably just leave it anyway. It definitely falls forward but if I shorten my strap a bit to bring it up a little higher onto my 30 pack it helps. It is definitely a different animal. I'm enjoying it. Thanks for the info. Jim
  13. I didn't want that baloney either so I bought 2013s, one in late '13 and one recently. Like I tell my friends jokingly "If you can't tune your instrument maybe you should play the triangle". The only part that bothers me about Min E-Tune or G-Force is the fact they put it on practically every guitar with the standard headstock and within a certain price range, which is pretty wide. It's not on the cheapest models nor the expensive ones but they're on most everything between $1000-$3000. I would prefer it were an option. But like someone else said they're a business and it makes them $$ so forget that. The only way they'll stop it is if they see a serious drop in sales but that is not likely to happen so buy used or another brand. 2013 was a great year for Gibsons!
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