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  1. Congrats on your non bird Hummingbird Pro. Very nice guitars! They truly have there own voice in the Gibson lineup. It will only get better as you play it. Going on 5 years since I bought my HB Artist, which is a short scale cherry burst version of the HB Pro. It has opened up very nicely and definitely my favorite mahogany dread I have ever owned. Enjoy and very nice playing!
  2. Note to self, never ever put Martin strings on a Gibson!
  3. I played a few before I bought one of the RK cousins, Silver Creek, very nice. Another Chinese guitar that has brought there A game is Eastman.
  4. Beautiful guitar! I have had mine for 2 years and it has developed a beautiful voice, my favorite acoustic I have owned. Sweet warm voice with some growl.
  5. Thanks for posting Suburude! I recognize the sweet woody Gibson tone, but would have not guessed that to be a L00, wow!
  6. Giovanni congrats on the new guitar, but after having her 1 hour shouldn't you still be playing her?
  7. If it plays like a Gibson and sounds like a martin I might get over the hideous darkburst paint, still I hear they play really nice and sound better,
  8. Funny thing about Gibson is when they make a model an "artist" it is lower price. When they add a name of an "artist" makes it cost more, sometime way more!!!
  9. Seen some other makers come close, but parallel inlays and cherry burst says G I B S O N!!!!
  10. Joey welcome to the forum and enjoy your new bird! I have own several Hummingbirds from 67 and up. I think they are the best looking and sweetest sounding acoustic Gibson makes. I know this is the Gibson forum, but having had a 80's Hummingbird which seemed heavily built and soft voiced, I would have traded it in a moment for a 70's D28, but then again I currently own a Hummingbird Artist which is so far my favorite bird, so maybe I am not a "full" bird dude. Not all Norlin era guitars were bad, your not the first to say they got an amazing example. Enjoy your new guitar in good health!
  11. I played one at Fullers in Houston some tme ago and they were asking 5k+ for it. Had I the money it would not have come out of my pocket fast enough to buy it, nicest Gibson I ever played. so far...
  12. Cheryl Crowe, Jeff Tweedy, and me on my Hummingbird Artist
  13. 199.00 plus tax for spruce/solid rosewood OOO T-170 Silvercreek which is turning out to sound to good to be a beater but saved me 4k on the Martin OM 28 Marquis I had gas for.
  14. Welcome to the forum and I'd want both as the are on my dream guitar list. I have played many HD28v's and 1 Legend, but the Legend would win out hands down
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