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  1. thanks for the reply. we discussed removing the back in order to do the repairs, around a grand all said and done. which is probably beyond reasonable for this guitar, unfortunately. They can try and attempt the repairs accessed through the f-holes, a series of clamps and some way of getting the glue up in there.. it certainly won't be me attempting this!
  2. (My first post) I have this rather odd factory revised L-50 cutaway. When I purchased the guitar about a decade ago the story was that the original owner received it as a gift but really preferred to have a cutaway. So they sent it back to Gibson where the cutaway was added and then apparently refinished in black… As it sits now the guitar is in ok shade, no cracks or dings but the very thick black finish is checked with some cracked and missing top coat, nothing I haven’t seen from other guitars from this period, but it’s not an A+ for sure. Some of the finish abutting the binding is a little
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