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  1. I've got no clue how to post a pic on this site.
  2. What model specifically is this. Also any idea on it's age?
  3. Wow. How did I miss that , you're right . Now I'm racking my brain figuring out if it's 1966 or 69
  4. My grandfather's Gibson Blue Ridge dates to 1972 based on the serial number of 805234. This puts it in the dreaded "Norlin era" is that correct? I checked the bracing today to find out that it has a normal x bracing pattern. I thought the Norlin era was the dreaded "Double X Bracing" pattern? Is that the case or not? Thanks, Frankie
  5. Thank you sir. Actually he's probably average sized, my grandfather on the banjo was only about 5 foot 3.
  6. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I'm sure this has been discussed before and I've read some of the previous threads on this topic but I'm interested to know just how many folks out there play Gibson Guitars for outright Bluegrass? I know Little Roy uses a Gibson Advanced Jumbo. I talked to him and he said that he loves them. He also said, "they give them to us" so I'm sure that's a factor! On occasion I will play my grandfather's 1972 Gibson Blue Ridge Guitar--sounds pretty descent for some stuff but is mostly at home in Country-Blues rather than outright Bluegrass. I also nearly purchased a new Gibson J-29 (I had purchased an HD-28 a few hours previous or I would have likely bought that guitar!) What do you guys think--how do Gibson Guitars sound in a Bluegrass mix?
  7. All of the other banjo brands that were mentioned (Deering, Ome, etc.) are fantastic but when it comes to banjos "only a Gibson is good enough." I've owned hundreds of stringed instruments (mostly banjos) and I have a very refined ear and I can tell you that to me, this is the truth. I've hope the news of Gibson reentering the banjo world is true!
  8. Just wondering what kind of guitar this is on the far left. The guy next to him is my grandfather playing his 1958 RB-250. My suspicion is that this is a Gibson J-45. Am I right?
  9. Ordered a rosewood and a tusq. Thanks folks
  10. Where would I go to get a new version of this?
  11. Yes sir. Just like the one in the pic (minus the bone insert of course)
  12. My grandfathers 1972 Gibson blue ridge had a rosewood saddle that I sanded down and replaced with bone. I'd like to find a replacement rosewood saddle. Anybody know where I could buy one?
  13. Hello all, I have a 2012 Martin D-18 with the aged toner on the top. My 2001 DX1 and my 2009 D-16 aged very nicely and I could see the color turn over time. However, with this new "aged toner" on my almost new D-18 I have no idea what to expect in the future. Any idea what color it will turn if any? Thanks, ​Frankie
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