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  1. By all means if you want to put lighter strings do it, you will have to re adjust the truss rod though. I think us Canadian players get robbed when it comes to pricing. Good luck with the bird I hope all works out. P.S. I have a dr500mce with D'Addario lights and a dove pro with elixir light nano webs both sound great.
  2. Merry Christmas to you sir and the best for the coming year
  3. Merry Christmas my friend I was looking forward to your video this year
  4. Incorrect sir the dove Pro has a solid spruce top back and sides are select maple
  5. I found they didn't last but did sound amazing on my masterbuilt DR
  6. Ah and so the mystery grows, I love a good game of Acoustic Clue, LMAO
  7. lol if the intonation is fine no harm no foul right. Then again maybe you got a left handed guitar and was switched to right but they forgot the saddle? hmmm a mystery
  8. Ha multi task not safe for me
  9. I always liked the the break in the Flats And Skrugs version, that's the one with the guy capo'd on the 7th. but the guys want to do the Wiseman version
  10. I'm simply asking where and how anyone else plays it I did the Flatts and Skrugs version capo on the 7th but Mac Wiseman does an open G
  11. The Song is Jimmy Brown The Newsboy
  12. We do the Flatts and Skruggs version and want to change things up and do the Mac Wiseman version do any of you fine folks do this tune and how do you do the lead on your guitar?
  13. We have seen the finish on this guitar it is a satin finish so anyone saying gloss is wrong on that spec.
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